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%% Package `pst-vue3d.tex'
%% Herbert Voss <voss _at_ pstricks.de> (Germany)
%% 2007-03-26

PSTricks offers excellent macros to insert more or less complex 
graphics into a document. pstricks.tex itself is the base for several 
other additional packages, which are mostly named pst-xxxx, 
like pst-vue3d. There exists several packages for plotting three 
dimensional graphical objects. pst-vue3d is similiar to the 
pst-plot package for two dimensional objects and mathematical functions.

Save the files


in any place, where latex or any other TeX program will find it.
The pro file should go into $TEXMF$/dvips/pstricks/.

pst-vue3d uses the extended version of the keyval package. So
be sure that you 
- have installed xkeyval with the special pst-xkey
  (CTAN: tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/xkeyval/)
- do not load another package after pst-vue3d, which loads
  the old keyval.sty or pst-key.tex

If you like to get the documentation file in another format run 

latex pst-vue3d-doc.tex
bibtex pst-vue3d.doc
latex pst-vue3d-doc.tex
dvips pst-vue3d-doc.dvi

to get a PostScript file. But pay attention, that the pst-vue3d
files are saved in the above mentioned way, before you run
latex on the documentation file.

The intermediate DVI file works only with viewers which can 
interprete the embedded PostScript code.

For another PDF output read the Introduction from
the documentation.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (4.3M).

pst-vue3d – Draw perspective views of three dimensional objects

With pst-vue3d three dimensional objects like cubes, spheres and others can be viewed from different points. The distribution includes a comprehensive set of examples of usage.

This package is now obsolete and has been superseded by pst-solides3d.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerManuel Luque
Herbert Voß
Contained inMiKTeX as pst-vue3d
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