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This is the README for the libertine-legacy distribution of
libertine- (August 5th, 2012)

From December 11, 2011, the libertine package supports only xetex and
luatex users (opentype-format fonts). This package provides the last
version that still supported tex and pdftex users (type 1 fonts).
Except for a small number of directory and file re-namings to avoid
conflicting with more recent distributions, deletion of the opentype
fonts and related files which aren't usable by tex and pdftex users, and
correcting the ligatures in the bold italic variant of fxl, the files
in this package are identical to those of the libertine package version
5.1.2 distributed at CTAN before December 2011.

To install, unzip /install/fonts/libertine-legacy-tds.zip at the root
of a local or personal texmf tree, update the file-name database 
(e.g., texhash texmf) and update the font maps to include libertine.map 
(e.g., updmap --enable Map=libertine.map).

To test, do 

pdflatex libertinetext[e,f].tex 



It is believed that this package can be installed and used with (la)tex
and pdf(la)tex as before, without conflicting with newer libertine
packages. Xetex and luatex users should use libertineotf.sty in the more
recent libertine packages.

The libertine-legacy package has the same licences as the libertine
package it is derived from: GPL with font exception (see GPL.txt) and
the Open Fonts License (see OFL.txt)

The corrections to the ligatures of the bold italic variant of fxl
(which were not bold in previous versions), are due to Michael Sharpe.

Bob Tennent rdt@cs.queensu.ca

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (49.5M).

libertine-legacy – Linux Libertine fonts for and pdf users

The package provides support for (traditional-)-based users of the libertine bundle, who were left isolated when that bundle switched to OTF-only form on 2012-12-11 (thus only, now, supporting and Lua users).

To prevent confusion with libertine ‘original’, there are no OTF fonts in the present package.

Note that the package is now deemed obsolete; the unified libertine package serves its purpose.

Version 2011-12-30
LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerBob Tennent
Michael Niedermair (inactive)
Font Type1
Font support
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