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zitie is a package for making CJK character calligraphy practicing sheet (copybook).

Main Interfaces

\framesingle[<options>]{<CJK char>}, makes frame for single <CJK char>

\framezi*[<options>]{<CJK chars>}, makes frame for every single <CJK chars>

\framezifile*[<options>]{<filename>}, makes frame from <filename> containning <CJK chars>

\framerange[<options>]{<char Hex range>}, makes frame from Hex range, such as: "4E00 -> "4E27, "4E30. etc

\frametallrange[<options>]{<char Hex range>}


\zitienewfont*{...}, declares new font(s) for making frame

\framezhlipsum[<options>]{<paragraphs>}[<name>], frames Lorem ipsum given <name> and <paragraphs> made by package zhlipsum. Use \usepackage[enable-zhlipsum]{zitie} to enable this function

\zitiebackground[<background options>], make frames in background, much faster than \frame... family. Use \usepackage[enable-background]{zitie} to enable this function

\begin{zitieframe}{<initials>}[<options>] ... \end{zitieframe}, environment version for \framezi, can cantain \par

\zitieCJKfamily, use CJK font family declared before

\zitiecolorlet, zitie version of \colorlet in xcolor package


See PDF documentation (in chinese) for more details.

Please note the frame functions of this package currently do need many computation, so the compiling maybe very slow.

Support and Lua, but the function in Lua is limited.


LaTeX2e 2020-10-01 and after, l3draw, xeCJK, ctexsize, please note that l3draw is very experimental, some interfaces maybe cannot use later.

Need not pgf or pstricks.


  • faster and less resource
  • optimize line breaking algorithm
  • optimize background module
  • optimize Lua supporting
  • more grid
  • more transformation
  • support more character Classes
  • support opacity (require l3opacity)
  • ...


Please note the attached PDF documentation contains NON-COMMERCIAL font. The copyright of those fonts belong to font designer(s), mainly, FounderType. CANNOT be used for commercial purposes without authorization.

Source file (zitie.tex, zitie.sty) under LPPL 1.3c license.


GitHub: https://github.com/Sophanatprime/zitie

Email: longaster@163.com

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (349.0k).

zitie – Create CJK character calligraphy practicing sheets

This is a package for creating CJK character calligraphy practicing sheets (copybooks). Currently, only is supported.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Contained inTeX Live as zitie
MiKTeX as zitie
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