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                        The luainputenc LaTeX2e package

luainputenc is an adaptation of inputenc for LuaTeX, as the old inputenc does
not work (at all) with the LuaTeX engine. It is used only for compatibility
with old documents. New documents should be encoded in UTF-8 and use Unicode
fonts (eg with a recent verion of the fontspec package).

This package automatically calls the old inputenc when running with pdfTeX, and
xetex-inputenc when running XeTeX, so you can safely use it with all your

This package is developed on <http://github.com/mpg/luainputenc>, see the 'NEWS'
file for version history.


Here are the recommended installation methods (preferred first).

1. If you are using TeX Live 2008 or later, use 'tlmgr install luainputenc'.
Alternatively, try your (TeX or Linux) distribution's package management system.

2. a. Grab luainputenc.tds.zip on the CTAN.
   b. Unzip it at the root of one or your TDS trees.
   c. You may need to update some filename database after, see your TeX
distribution's manual for details.

3. a. Grab the sources from CTAN or github.
   b. Run 'make install TEXMFROOT=/path/to/texmf'.
   c. See 2c.


Source files:
        luainputenc.dtx         the single file source & doc

Derived files:
        luainputenc.pdf         the documentation
        luainputenc.sty         the LaTeX package
        luainputenc.lua         the lua functions for encoding translation
        lutf8.def               replacement for utf8.def
        lutf8x.def              idem, with new functionalities for Unicode fonts
        inputenc.sty.diff:      patch for inputenc.sty to load luainputenc
                                automatically if running LuaTeX


This work is under the CC0 license, with an additional restriction: 
the article 6 of the LaTeX Project Public License (lppl), that applies to code
that has been taken from LaTeX files.

You can find the text of the lppl at

The lppl can be found at http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt

You can find the CC0 full text at


The file luainputenc.dtx contains code with the lppl restriction as well as the
derived files

For further details about their license, please see the comments in these files.

The other derived files are

These files are under the CC0 license only.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (406.4k).

luainputenc – Replacing inputenc for use in Lua

Lua operates by default in UTF-8 input; thus documents that need 8-bit character-sets need special treatment. (In fact, documents using UTF-8 with “traditional” — 256-glyph — fonts also need support from this package.)

The package, therefore, replaces the standard inputenc for use under Lua. With a current Lua,the package has the same behaviour with Lua as inputenc has under pdf.

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MaintainerManuel Pégourié-Gonnard (inactive)
Élie Roux (inactive)
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