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This topic contains packages with input encoding support for engines.

Support for variant code pages.
Use different code pages for input.
Modification of inputenc for German.
Greek encoding support for inputenc.
Guarani support.
Input encodings, font encodings and font definition files for Hebrew.
Enhanced input encoding handling.
An obsolete means to use ISO 8859-1 with .
Universal inputenc, fontenc, and babel for pdf and Lua.
Inputenc encoding for verbatim ISO 8859-1 use.
Inputenc encoding for verbatim ISO 8859-2 use.
Inputenc encoding for verbatim ISO 8859-3 use.
Obsolete package for Greek in text.
Replacing inputenc for use in Lua.
Support for multiple character sets and encodings.
Definitions of the meaning of Unicode characters.
Remove incorrect ligatures in German documents.
Input encoding with fallback procedures.
Semi-automatic detection of input encoding.
Standard package for activating ec fonts.
Vietnamese Windows support.
Convert composite accented characters to Unicode.
Extended UTF-8 input encoding support for .
German input encodings in .
Extended UTF-8 input encoding for .
Giving meaning to various Unicode space characters.
Additional support for UTF-8 encoded input.
Verbatim, interpreting non-ascii text.
input map for Unicode Devanagari.
input maps for Unicode Tibetan.
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