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Direc­tory macros/luatex/generic/enigma

Description of files:

./enigma-example-context.tex    usage example for Context
./enigma-example-latex.tex      usage example for LaTeX
./enigma-example-plain.tex      usage example for Plain
./COPYING                       License (BSD)
./enigma_manual.tex             manual source (Context)
./enigma-doc.pdf                compiled manual
./mtx-t-enigma.lua              mtx script (run as “mtxrun --script enigma”)
./enigma.lua                    format independent code
./t-enigma.mkvi                 Context interface
./enigma.sty                    wrapper for LaTeX (inputs enigma.tex)
./enigma.tex                    Plain interface

This is the directory layout I have in mind:

enigma_manual.tex          -> ./doc/context/third/enigma/enigma_manual.tex
enigma-example-plain.tex   -> ./doc/context/third/enigma/examples/enigma-example-plain.tex
enigma-example-latex.tex   -> ./doc/context/third/enigma/examples/enigma-example-latex.tex
enigma-example-context.tex -> ./doc/context/third/enigma/examples/enigma-example-context.tex
enigma-doc.pdf             -> ./doc/context/third/enigma/enigma-doc.pdf
COPYING                    -> ./doc/context/third/enigma/COPYING
mtx-t-enigma.lua           -> ./scripts/context/lua/third/enigma/mtx-t-enigma.lua
t-enigma.mkvi              -> ./tex/context/third/enigma/t-enigma.mkvi
enigma.sty                 -> ./tex/latex/enigma/enigma.sty
enigma.tex                 -> ./tex/plain/enigma/enigma.tex
enigma.lua                 -> ./tex/generic/enigma/enigma.lua

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (281.4k).

enigma – En­crypt doc­u­ments with a three ro­tor Enigma

The pack­age pro­vides his­tor­i­cal en­cryp­tion (Enigma ci­pher) for Lua-based for­mats.

Li­cense BSD Style Li­cense
Main­tainer Philipp Ge­sang
Con­tained inTeX Live as enigma
MiKTeX as enigma
Topics doc­u­ment se­cu­rity mea­sures
Lua and pack­ages that re­quire it
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