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The Typeface Package v0.1 (2012/05/28) Prerelease - release for review

The typeface package provides a relatively easy-to-use facility for
setting up default roman, sans serif, typewriter, math, symbols and
lining/text figures Type1 fonts in LaTeX documents. Its purpose is to
make it easy to choose, mix and match fonts from among the main Type1
font sets available at CTAN. Other Type1 fonts can be readily
incorporated into typeface package management by modifying the provided
configuration file.

Ignoring the typographic dubiousness of this example, the following code
will initialise \rmdefault to the light, old style figures variant of KP
Fonts, \sfdefault to Helvetica, and \ttdefault to Luxi Mono typewriter.
Math fonts will be initialised to Math Design with Charter text. In the
process, math fonts and Helvetica will be automatically scaled to the
ex-height of KP Fonts. Luxi Mono will be scaled to 90% of its design


The typeface package contains the following files:

  - README - the package README file (this document)
  - typeface.pdf - the package manual
  - typeface.tex - the package manual source code
  - typeface.sty - the typeface package
  - typeface.cfg - installation customisation and reconfiguration file
  - typeface-test.tex - typeface package test harness
  - typeface-test-all-rm.pdf - a very large font exhibits file (~16MB)
  - typeface-test-all-rm.bat - the MS-DOS script used to produce the file above

See the documentation `typeface.pdf' for further details.

Change history
  - v0.1 (2012/05/28)  Prerelease - release for review


Copyright 2012 Geoffrey Jones <geoffrey.jones@uqconnect.edu.au>

Distributable under the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c or
higher (your choice). The latest version of this license is at:

This work is "maintained" (per LPPL maintenance status) by Geoffrey Jones. 

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (17.2M).

typeface – Select a balanced set of fonts

The package provides the means of establishing a consistent set of fonts for use in a document. It allows mixing and matching the Type 1 font sets available on the archive (and it may be extended, via its configuration file, to support other fonts).

Font-set definition takes the form of a set of options that are read when the package is loaded: for each typographic category (main body font, sans-serif font, monospace font, mathematics fonts, text figures, and so on), a font or a transformation is given in those options.

The approach enables the user to remember their own configurations (as a single command) and to borrow configurations that other users have developed.

The present release is designated “for review”.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2012 Geoffrey Jones
MaintainerGeoffrey Jones
Contained inTeX Live as typeface
MiKTeX as typeface
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