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This topic con­tains pack­ages with font se­lec­tion schemes.

Ac­cess bold sym­bols in maths mode
En­hanced \new­font com­mand
Chang­ing fonts, sizes and en­cod­ings in Plain
Font se­lec­tion for plain
Ad­vanced font se­lec­tion in XeLaTeX and Lua
Bind fonts to spe­cific uni­code blocks
Ac­cess italic com­puter mod­ern sans in 2.09
Use the text font in maths mode
Spec­ify ar­bi­trary fonts for math­e­mat­ics in
Make math bold or italic ac­cord­ing to con­text
Ex­ten­sions to the NFSS
Macros for man­ag­ing large font col­lec­tions
Chang­ing fonts, sizes and en­cod­ings in Plain (ob­so­lete ver­sion)
Damian Cu­g­ley's doc­u­ment tools
Vari­able sized fonts in Plain
Font se­lec­tion for Plain
Set the font size rel­a­tive to the cur­rent font size
Rescale fonts to ar­bi­trary sizes
Scale text to given width
Scale text to make it fit a given width
Slanted em­pha­sis in 2.09
Slanted em­pha­sis in
Choose an "ad­ja­cent" size in
Select a bal­anced set of fonts
Change font size in Plain
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