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The TOCLOFT package

    The tocloft package provides control over the typography of the 
Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables. You can also
define your own kinds of `List of ...'

Change history:

- Last release was broken! Embarrassing mistake with \expandafter.
  Shouldn’t rush these things, sorry.

- Fix conflict with fancyhdr not checking for \chapter in the same tocloft does

- Add \cftZprehook / \cftZposthook to support multicol ToCs, etc.
  Listed as experimental.

Changes in version 2.3f (2013/05/02)
- (Try to) support KOMA and titlesec packages w.r.t. \part entries
- Extraneous whitespace fixes
- Doc explanation of removing between-chapter space in LoF, LoT
- Add \cftpnumalign to specify alignment of the page number in its box
- Prevent some "Dimension too large" issues with large font sizes and a "no dots" ToC design.
- Bug fix for the macro used to store the extension filename for new "lists of"

Thanks to Andre Pinkert, Florent Chervet, Stephan Stiller, Matthew Skala, Simon Verleger, Leo Liu, Haruyuki Kawabe, and Axel Sommerfeldt for suggesting all of the changes above and my apologies for the slow turn-around releasing the package.

Changes in version 2.3e (2010/10/13)
- Remove a superfluous message from the console output:  
   "The document has [section|chapter] divisions"

Changes in version 2.3d (2009/09/04)
- New package maintainer (Will Robertson) and small bug fix

Changes in version 2.3c (2003/09/26)
- Another fix for the hyperref package

Changes in version 2.3b (2003/01/20)
- Again made Part commands work as advertised

Changes in version 2.3a (2002/10/03)
- Made Part commands work as advertised or deleted them
- Added examples for page break control in the ToC, etc.

Changes in version 2.3 (2002/06/15)
- Made compatible with the koma classes
- Added control over the pagestyle

Changes in version 2.2 (2001/04/17)
- Stitched up another wound inflicted by the hyperref package

Changes in version 2.1 (2001/04/08)
- Added command to change the ToC parskip

Changes in version 2.0 (2001/03/15)
- Added commands to create new kinds of `List of ...'
- Can eliminate page numbers from list entries
- Removed the requirement for the stdclsdv package
- Removed the requirement for the hyperref package

Changes in version 1.1 (2000/02/11)
- Upgraded to work with the minitoc and subfigure packages
- Fixed slight problem with multiline ToC/LoF/LoT entries
- Documentation includes more examples

Changes in version 1.0 (1999/09/19)
- Changed from beta to production release
- Improved (warning) reporting 

Changes in version 0.3 (1999/08/22)
- Added option to use default headings, so that packages like
  fncychap can be used for ToC, etc. headings

Changes in version 0.2 (1999/01/17)
- Now works with the tocbibind package
- Improved documentation
- Now doesn't fail with packages like float

Changes in version 0.1 (1998/12/31)
- First public beta release

  Author: Peter Wilson, Herries Press
  Maintainer: Will Robertson (will dot robertson at latex-project dot org)
  Copyright 1998-2003 Peter R. Wilson
  Copyright 2009 Will Robertson
  This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
  conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
  version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any 
  later version: <http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt>

  This work has the LPPL maintenance status "maintained".
  The Current Maintainer of this work is Will Robertson.
  This work consists of the files:
README (this file)
  and the derived files:

  The distribution consists of the following files:
README (this file)
tocloft.pdf (user manual)


    To install the package:
- run: latex tocloft.ins (which will generate tocloft.sty)
- Move tocloft.sty to a location where LaTeX will find it.
  (typically in a local texmf tree at tex/latex/***) and refresh the
  file database. See the FAQ on CTAN at help/uk-tex-faq or
  http://www.tug.ac.uk/faq for more information on this.
    To process the manual
- run: pdflatex tocloft.dtx
- run: makeindex -s gind.ist tocloft
- run: pdflatex tocloft.dtx
- Print tocloft.pdf for a hardcopy of the package manual 

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (513.3k).

to­cloft – Con­trol ta­ble of con­tents, fig­ures, etc

Pro­vides con­trol over the ty­pog­ra­phy of the Ta­ble of Con­tents, List of Fig­ures and List of Tables, and the abil­ity to cre­ate new ‘List of ...’. The ToC \parskip may be changed.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/wspr/her­ries-press/is­sues
Li­censesThe Project Public Li­cense 1.3c
Copy­right1998–2003 Peter R. Wil­son
2009–2017 Will Robert­son
Main­tainerWill Robert­son
Peter R. Wil­son (in­ac­tive)
TDS archivetocloft.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as to­cloft
MiKTeX as to­cloft
TopicsTOC etc
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