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This package helps you highlight pieces of your code that needs further work (TBD stands for "to be determined"). The package uses xcolor and soul packages.

First, install it from CTAN and then use in the preamble:

The budget is \tbd{99.00 USD}.

The full example and all commands are available in the to-be-determined.tex file.

If you want to contribute yourself, make a fork, then create a branch, then run make in the root directory. It should compile everything without errors. If not, submit an issue and wait. Otherwise, make your changes and then run make again. If the build is still clean, submit a pull request.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (103.6k).

to-be-determined – Highlight text passages that need further work

This package provides a single command \tbd which highlights the pieces of text that need to be rewritten later. You can hide them all with a single package option hide, or just make them disappear entirely with the option off.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/yegor256/to-be-determined/issues
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