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s: An Infrastructure for Semantic Preloading of Documents

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This repository contains the s package collection, a version of / that allows to markup / documents semantically without leaving the document format.

Running pdflatex over s-annotated documents formats them into normal-looking PDF. But s also comes with a conversion pipeline into semantically annotated HTML5, which can host semantic added-value services that make the documents active (i.e. interactive and user-adaptive) and essentially turning into a document format for (mathematical) knowledge management (MKM).

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2022 Michael Kohlhase The package is distributed under the terms of the Project Public License (LPPL)


Michael Kohlhase, Dennis Müller, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.


The s manual gives a general introduction and motivation. The s package documentation gives the details of the implementation. A complete list of s-related publications can be found here.

s Corpus & Best Practices

s comes with a large corpus of pre-annotated materials that act as evaluation grounds and regression tests for the s functionality and best practices that are publicly available.

  • HelloWorld a collection of simple hello world examples the show off the best practices of s annotation.
  • SMGLoM, the Semantic, Multilingual Glossary of Mathematics (and similar disciplines). SMGloM provides a large set of definitions and well-designed semantic macros for core mathematical (and computation) concepts and objects. This resource greatly facilitates "getting off the ground" in semantic annotation.
  • MiKoMH a set of semantically annotated courses in computer science and (symbolic) AI (ca. 5000 pages of slides and notes). Ca. 3000 problem/solutions exist are only available upon request.
  • s3 Labs a set of experimental re-formalizations of (mostly) SMGLoM material to fully take advantage of the s3 functionality and the rus/MMT pipeline and knowledge managemen facilities.

All of these are hosted on MathHub, an experimental portal for the management of active mathematical documents and flexiformal mathematics. The organization of the material into "mathematical archives" (GIT repositories with a particular standardized structure on a GitLab repository management server greatly enhances modularization and the provision of added value services.


The GIT version can just be cloned in a directory <sTeXDIR> of your choosing.

cd <sTeXDIR>
git clone https://github.com/slatex/sTeX.git

Then update your TEXINPUTS environment variable, e.g. by placing the following line in your .bashrc:


Similarly, set your MATHHUB environment variable to where you intend to keep your s archives. For details, see the documentation linked above. For a IDE, update the directory path where pdflatex looks for paths.

For larger documents it may (rarely) be necessary to enlarge the internal memory allocation of the TEX/LATEX executables. This can be done by adding the following configurations in texmf.cnf (or changing them, if they already exist).

param_size = 20000      % simultaneous macro parameters, also applies to MP
nest_size = 1000        % simultaneous semantic levels (e.g., groups)
stack_size = 10000      % simultaneous input sources
main_memory = 12000000

Note that you will probably need sudo to do this. After that, you have to run the command

sudo fmtutil-sys --all


The s distribution contains the following directories (conformant with the CTAN organization

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (8.3M).

s – An infrastructure for semantic preloading of documents

The s package collection is a version of / that allows to markup / documents semantically without leaving the document format, essentially turning it into a document format for mathematical knowledge management (MKM).

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