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The preview.sty style file


The main purpose of the preview package is the extraction of selected
elements from a LaTeX source, like formulas or graphics, into separate
pages of a DVI file.  A flexible and convenient interface allows it to
specify what commands and constructs should be extracted.  This works
with DVI files postprocessed by either Dvips and Ghostscript or
dvipng, but it also works when you are using PDFTeX for generating PDF

Current uses of the package include the preview-latex package for
WYSIWYG functionality in the AUCTeX editing environment, generation of
previews in LyX, as part of the operation of the ps4pdf and pst-pdf
packages, the tbook XML system and some other tools.


The preview package is being developed along and distributed with
AUCTeX.  It can therefore be obtained as part of AUCTeX distribution
files available at <URL:https://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/auctex/> or its
mirror at <CTAN:support/auctex>.  CTAN also provides a standalone
version at <CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/preview>.  The project page at
<URL:https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/auctex/> offers downloads and
anonymous CVS access for cutting edge versions.  For more information
about the preview package please refer to the home page of AUCTeX at


To install the preview style file on its own without the entire AUCTeX
package, run
tex preview.ins
If preview.ins happens to be missing, you can regenerate it by running
tex docstrip
on preview.dtx with the option `installer'.

Running TeX on preview.ins will then extract further files:
preview.drv which you can run through LaTeX in order to get the
documentation for preview.sty, preview.sty itself, a bunch of option
files with extension .def and a few configuration files with extension
.cfg.  In case your docstrip configuration has not already taken care
of that, install the files with extension .sty, .def and .cfg to a
location where LaTeX will be able to find them, generate the
documentation and have fun.

The license of the original file is the GPL which you'll find a copy
of in the complete AUCTeX distribution.  The distribution will also
unpack and install the respective LaTeX files with an
autoconf-supported mechanism, so you might consider using that.

Bug reporting

Please report problems to <URL:mailto:bug-auctex@gnu.org>, including a
small example file which uses the \listfiles statement, and the
resulting log file.

David Kastrup

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (351.3k).

preview – Extract bits of a source for output

The package is a free-standing part of the preview-latex bundle. The package provides the support preview-latex needs, when it chooses the matter it will preview. The output may reasonably be expected to have other uses, as in html translators, etc.

Home pagehttps://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/preview-latex.html
Bug trackerhttps://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/pkgreport.cgi?package=auctex
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3
Copyright2001–2006, 2010, 2017–2024 Free Software Foundation
MaintainerThe AUC Team
David Kastrup (inactive)
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