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README for pagecolor package, 2017/05/29, v1.0i


1 Introduction
2 Download
3 Installation
4 Additional Packages
5 Package Compatibility
6 Author/Maintainer
7 Bug Reports
8 Known Problems


This LaTeX package provides the command \thepagecolor, which gives
the current page (background) colour, i. e. the argument used with
the most recent call of \pagecolor{...}.
The command \thepagecolornone gives the same colour as
\thepagecolor, except when the page background colour is "none".
In that case \thepagecolor is white and \thepagecolornone is none.
When \nopagecolor is unknown (e.g. Xe(La)TeX) or broken (crop package)
this package provides a replacement.
Similar to \newgeometry and \restoregeometry of the geometry
package \newpagecolor{...} and \restorepagecolor are provided.

This material is published under the LPPL 1.3c: This work may be
distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project
Public License, either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any
later version. This version of this license is in
and the latest version of this license is in
and version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
2005/12/01 or later.


`pagecolor' is available on CTAN:

Also a ZIP file is provided that contains the files:
the manual (pagecolor.pdf), the example (pagecolor-example.tex),
the compiled example (pagecolor-example.pdf),
driver (pagecolor.drv), pagecolor.dtx,
installation file (pagecolor.ins), 
the style file (pagecolor.sty),
and this README, already sorted in a TDS tree:


Installation with ZIP file in TDS format
The ZIP file `pagecolor.tds.zip' contains the files
sorted in a TDS tree. Thus you can directly unpack the
ZIP file inside a TDS tree.
See https://www.ctan.org/TDS-guidelines for an explanation
of TDS.
  cd /...somewhere.../texmf
  unzip /...downloadpath.../pagecolor.tds.zip
Do not forget to refresh the file name database of this
TDS tree.
  texhash /...somewhere.../texmf

Manual installation
a) Download the pagecolor files from CTAN.
   If necessary, unpack them.
b) Generate the package and driver files:
     tex pagecolor.dtx
c) Install the file `pagecolor.sty' in your TDS tree:
     cp pagecolor.sty TDS:tex/latex/pagecolor/
   Replace `TDS:' by the prefix of your TDS tree
   (texmf directory).
d) Create the documentation, if necessary, e.g.
     pdflatex pagecolor.dtx
     makeindex -s gind.ist pagecolor.idx
     pdflatex pagecolor.dtx
     makeindex -s gind.ist pagecolor.idx
     pdflatex pagecolor.dtx
e) Update the databases if necessary, e.g. for teTeX:
     mktexlsr .../texmf
f) Create the pagecolor-example.pdf, if necessary, e.g.
     pdflatex pagecolor-example.tex
     pdflatex pagecolor-example.tex
     pdflatex pagecolor-example.tex
g) Copy the documentation files to
   README, pagecolor.pdf, pagecolor-example.tex,


pagecolor loads other packages:
kvoptions, xcolor (if the color package has not been loaded
before pagecolor), ifpdf, and ifluatex,
which again load other packages
(see the result of the \listfiles command in the log-file
 of the example).


pagecolor should be loaded quite early, i. e. before
\pagecolor{...} is used by some other package
(but can be loaded later using the pagecolor={...} option
with accordingly chosen value), but must be loaded after
\nopagecolor is defined (if that is defined in the document
at all). If the xcolor or the color package shall be used,
they also should be loaded before pagecolor.


H.-Martin Münch


A bug report should contain:
* Comprehensive problem description. This includes error or
  warning messages.
* \errorcontextlines=\maxdimen can be added in the
  TeX code to get more information in TeX error messages.
* Minimal test file that shows the problem, but does not
  contain any unnecessary packages and code.
* Used drivers/programs.
* Version information about used packages and programs.
* If you are using LaTeX, then add "\listfiles". Then
  a list of version information is printed at the end
  of the LaTeX run.
* Please no other files than the minimal test file.
  The other files .log, .dvi, .ps, .pdf are seldom
  necessary, so send them only on request.
* Please .zip or .tar.gz your file(s) before sending them!

Bug address
Bug reports can be send to the maintainer:
  H.-Martin Münch
  <Martin [dot] Muench [at] Uni-Bonn [dot] de>


* as yet: none.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (405.4k).

pagecolor – Interrogate page colour

This package provides the command \thepagecolor, which gives the current page (background) colour, i. e. the argument used with the most recent call of \pagecolor{...}. The command \thepagecolornone gives the same colour as \thepagecolor, except when the page background colour is “none” (e.g., as a result of using the \nopagecolor command). In that case \thepagecolor is “white” and \thepagecolornone is “none”.

Version1.0i 2017-05-29
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2011–2017 H.-Martin Münch
MaintainerHans-Martin Münch
TDS archivepagecolor.tds.zip
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