CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Hans-Martin Münch

Print a cal­en­dar for a group of years
Ref­er­ences to ranges of foot­notes
Sup­press hy­per links when print­ing
Ref­er­ence last page for Page N of M type foot­ers
In­crease the num­ber of si­mul­ta­ne­ous floats
In­ter­ro­gate page colour
Vari­ants of last page la­bels
Com­pute the mass of a printed ver­sion of a doc­u­ment
In­for­ma­tion about reg­is­ter use
Write ro­man num­ber with "bars"
Per­mit foot­notes in ta­bles
Create thumb in­dexes
Over­ride ex­ist­ing la­bels
Hyper­links for a wide range of URIs
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