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LaTeX package:  mmap.sty -- CMAP support for math in PDF

Copyright (c) 2008  Ross Moore <ross@maths.mq.edu.au>

 mmap package -- include CMap resources for math symbols into PDF
   to make "search" and "copy-n-paste" functions work properly

  -m.cmap  CMap uses ascii strings for the macro-names
  .cmap    CMap uses the Unicode code-point of the symbols

You may distribute and/or modify this program under the terms of LPPL
the program consists of mmap.sty and .cmap files:



  put \usepackage{mmap}  to load CMAP resources from -m.cmap files.
  Or put \usepackage[noTeX]{mmap}  to load CMAP resources from .cmap files.
  Or put \usepackage[useTeX]{mmap} to load CMAP resources from -m.cmap files.

IMPORTANT:  place this immediately after the \documentclass line
     to ensure that all fonts are checked for appropriate resources.

   add *.cmap files for other font encodings (contributions are welcome):
     TS1, OT2, IL2, ...
   support dvips?

Now there's another way to convert from LaTeX to Word.
Simply copy/paste from the PDF, then adjust super-/sub-scripts,
fractions, etc.



Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (56.4k).

mmap – In­clude CMap re­sources in PDF files from pdf

The pack­age is an ex­ten­sion of cmap with im­proved flex­i­bil­ity and cov­er­age, in­clud­ing the abil­ity to re-en­code Knuth’s ba­sic math­e­mat­ics fonts.

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Main­tainer Ross Moore
Con­tained inTeX Live as mmap
MiKTeX as mmap
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