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hep --- convenience wrapper for high-energy physics packages
by Andy Buckley <andy@insectnation.org>

The hep package is a relatively thin wrapper package on a variety of packages
useful for typesetting high-energy physics documents. It is aimed at HEP users
who just want to write papers without having to worry about which packages are
useful. hep includes a useful minimal set of packages by default, with more
specialist ones being available via package options.

The default packages (activated just by placing \usepackage{hep} in the document
preamble) are:
  * url: provides \url{} macro for typestting (you guessed it) URLs. For example,
  * cite: gathers consecutive citations to show e.g. [21-23] rather than [21,22,23]
  * amsmath: extended maths stymbols etc.
  * braket: provides \bra{}, \ket{} and \braket{} macros for Dirac notation
  * cancel/slashed: two different ways to do Feynman slash notation
  * hepnicenames: collection of macros for typesetting particle names. Also includes
    heppennames and hepparticles. See 
    http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/hepnames.html  and
    for details.
  * hepunits: extends the SIunits package to provide HEP specific units, accessed
    via e.g. \unit{114.5}{\GeVovercsq} (the LEP2 lower bound on the Higgs mass).
    See http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/hepunits.html
    for details.

Options for these default packages can be passed using \usepackage[option1,option2,...]{hep}
The available options are:
  * HNitalic, HNitforce, HNmaybess, HNnoss,
    corresponding to the hepnames/hepparticles options (without the "HN" prefix)

  * HUnoprefixcmds, HUcdot, HUthickspace, HUmediumspace, HUthinspace,
    HUthickqspace, HUmediumqspace, HUthinqspace, HUnoamssquareissue,
    HUamssymb, HUsquaren, HUpstricks, HUGray, HUitalian, HUtextstyle
    HUnotextstyle, HUbinary, HUnoams, HUderivedinbase, HUderived
    corresponding to the hepunits options (without the "HU" prefix)

Additionally, the "fd", "hyper", "layout" and "float" options add useful
packages for Feynman diagrams, hyperlinking (with sensible default options),
layout additions (the booktabs, setspace, fancyhdr and tocbibind packages) and
additional float handling (via the morefloats, afterpage, ccaption, subfigure
and caption packages). The convenience option "all" includes all of the optional
packages. While the hyper, layout and float options are not HEP-specific, they
reflect the package author's prejudice that not enough authors know about these
packages and that they should be encouraged to use them :-)

Comments, criticism etc. should be directed at andy-texpkg@insectnation.org.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
See http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html
for the details of that license.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (3.5k).

hep – A "convenience wrapper" for High Energy Physics packages

Loads the author’s hepunits and hepnicenames packages, and a selection of others that are useful in High Energy Physics papers, etc.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerAndy Buckley
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