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            == README for the `fileinfo' bundle ==

This bundle has packages `readprov.sty' and `myfilist.sty'.


    renders \GetFileInfo from LaTeX's `doc.sty' (without the 
    latter being required), as well as new robust (expandable) 
    variants of it, usable with files that are not really 
    loaded (they are quit when their file info is found, 
    cf. the `zwgetfdate' package). So, e.g., you can describe 
    packages that are incompatible with each other or with 
    packages that your document uses. You even can report about 
    various class files.

    Such packages then also appear with LaTeX's \listfiles. 
    You may consider this a bug ...


    makes this "bug" a feature. In a "TeX script," you can 
    choose some files and their order. Their names can be 
    output into a plain text file with their dates, version 
    ids, and one-line descriptions, formatted in the way 
    \listfiles does it after a LaTeX run. This way you can get 
    an overview of, e.g., some package bundle ... 

The two packages are described in more detail in `readprov.pdf' 
and `myfilist.pdf'. These documentation files also serve to 
demonstrate some .txt->.tex functionality of the `nicetext' 

Both packages evaluate the \Provides... commands that should 
identify a LaTeX file. They are described in the context of 
other packages evaluating the \Provides... entries by the 
`info' package `latexfileinfo-pkgs',


The file `fileinfo.RLS', when installed just like 
`myfilist.sty' and `readprov.sty' (in the `tex' tree of a TDS), 
provides a summary of the currently installed release of the 
`fileinfo' bundle, accessible as LaTeX file info by all of 
these packages.

`readprov' and `myfilist' are LICENSEd according to the LaTeX 
Project Public License (see files; NO WARRANTY!). They are 

A TDS version is available as 


2012/05/26, Uwe Lueck, http://contact-ednotes.sty.de.vu

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1004.2k).

fileinfo – Enhanced display of File Information

The bundle provides two packages, readprov and myfilist. The readprov package provides a means of reading file information without loading the body of the file. The myfilist package uses readprov and controls what \listfiles will report.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2008, 2010 Uwe Lück
MaintainerUwe Lück (deceased)
TDS archivefileinfo.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as fileinfo
MiKTeX as fileinfo
TopicsDocument Management
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