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This is the distribution package for cascadilla.cls, a LaTeX document class for
typesetting documents that conform to the Cascadilla Proceedings Project
stylesheet, used by various linguistics conference proceedings (such as WCCFL).
Also included are an example document (example.tex and example.pdf), a BibTeX
bibliography style (cascadilla.bst) and a BibTeX database used by the example
document (exampleref.bib).

This package was written by Max Bane, copyright 2008-2012, and is maintained by
the same. It is distributed under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public
License, a copy of which is included in LICENSE.txt; the license boilerplate is
also included at the top of each source file.

The reference stylesheet that this document class aims to implement is described
by the Cascadilla Proceedings Project at the following location:

The style is occasionally updated by Cascadilla; if you find that this document
class no longer implements the stylesheet correctly, or if you discover any
bugs, please contact Max Bane at max.bane@gmail.com.

As of version 1.7, you may now also report and view bugs, check out the latest
source code, or even contribute your own changes to the source code, at the
github project page for this project:

Special thanks to Jonathan Brindle for helping to resolve some glitches in
previous versions. Thanks also to Christopher Piñón for spotting a
difficult-to-detect layout error, and suggesting a solution.


Simply place cascadilla.cls and cascadilla.bst in the same directory as the
paper you are writing, and use "\documentclass{cascadilla}" instead of
"\documentclass{article}". See the example paper (example.tex) for more details
of usage, including optional arguments to the \documentclass command.

To make cascadilla.cls and cascadilla.bst available for all of your papers,
without having to put separate copies in the directory of each, consult your
LaTeX distribution's documentation to find out where to place them so that they
are globally available. This is usually somewhere in your "texmf" tree.


Version 1.8.2 (Jan 17, 2012):
    Made footnote marks flush with left edge of body text.

Version 1.8.1 (Nov 12, 2011):
    Fixed centering of author line by simplifying \blankline command - thanks to
Christopher Piñón.

Version 1.8 (Jul 20, 2011): 
    Added author's signature statement at the top of the first page,
and the "nosignature" option to suppress it.

Version 1.7.1 (Jun 18, 2011):
    Added commented example of listing multiple authors/institutions to

Version 1.7 (Jun 17, 2011): 
    Added "a4paper" option for typsetting on A4 paper, which is allowed by the
Cascadilla stylesheet with particular margin settings.

Version 1.6.1: 
    Fixed compile bug caused by ill-formed date string in \ProvidesClass.

Version 1.6
    Redefined \thanks command once more, to conform with the new requirement for
an "invisible asterisk".

Version 1.5
    Redefined the \thanks command for use in titles.

Version 1.4
    Updated the appearance of citations and references to be more in line with
the Cascadilla stylesheet.

Version 1.3
    Put in some missing \selectfont's
    Adjusted \abovecaptionskip and \belowcaptionskip for use with \centering
rather than the center environment.

Version 1.2
    Restored blank space between title and author

Version 1.1
    Made title matter optional
    Added notimes option
    Added additional blank line after title
    Section labels end with a space rather than a quad
    Made figure/table captions bold
    Added "immediate" subsection commands for proper spacing of sub-headings
that immediately follow super-headings.

Version 1.0
    Initial release

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (97.8k).

cascadilla – Typeset papers conforming to the stylesheet of the Cascadilla Proceedings Project

The class provides an extension of the standard article class that may be used to typeset papers conforming to the stylesheet of the Cascadilla Proceedings Project, which is used by a number of linguistics conference proceedings (e.g., WCCFL).

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright2008–2011 Max Bane
MaintainerMax Bane
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