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BXpapersize Package

: To synchronize output paper size with layout paper size

As is well known, in processing layout paper size specified by document class options is not automatically applied to output paper size. By employing this package, authors can make output paper size be identical to layout paper size. They can also set output paper size to arbitrary values.

It should be noted that there are many packages that try to synchronize paper sizes, possibly in a slightly different manner. This package allows authors to decide whether the setting made by this package should have higher or lower priority over the settings made by others.

System requirement

  • format: .
    • engine: Anything.
    • DVI driver (in DVI mode): dvips, dvipdfmx, or whatever supports ‘papersize’ special.
    • Dependent packages:
      • ifpdf, ifxetex, ifluatex, ifvtex
        • xkeyval
        • atbegshi
        • pxatbegshi: on (u)p


  • *.sty → $TEXMF/tex/latex/BXpapersize


This package is distributed under the MIT License.

The bxpapersize Package

Package Loading


The available options are described hereafter.


  • disabled: Disables all functionality of this package. It may be useful to resolve conflict caused by some packages depending on the bxpapersize package. Note that once disabled is used there is no way to enable the functionality.
    • nodvidriver: A synonym for disabled.
    • autodvidriver: Negation of disabled/nodvidriver. Note: Options dvips and dvipdfmx also negate disabled.


Important: The priority option is not (yet) supported under the new kernel 2020-10-01.

  • priority=<value>: In DVI mode, this decides the priority of the ‘papersize’ specials issued by this package relative to the ‘papersize’ specials issued by others. The set of valid values is:
    • low: Priotizes specials by others.
      • middle/default (default): Does not care about priority.
        • high: Priotizes specials by this package.
      Note: The priority setting will be ignored in PDF mode.
    • olddvips: Must be specified when you use dvips older than that included in Live 2017, so as to make the priority option work correctly.

Other options

Any key-value pairs that are valid in \papersizesetup can be used as package options.

% to begin with deactivated state

Note that the default values of the \papersizesetup command are also applied when the package is loaded. For example, size=real will be in effect when this package is loaded without the size option key.


Once the package is loaded, the output paper size will be adjusted, respecting the settings given by the package options. By default, the output papersize will be made identical to the layout paper size.

% For many cases, it's enough.

You can change the settings of this package using \papersizesetup command, invoked as follows:


The available keys are listed below:

  • active=true|false: Temporarily activates/deactivates the function of this package.
    • size=<value>: Decides what the output paper size should be. Available values are:
      • real: The output should be equal to the layout paper size given by \paperwidth/height, except that the stock paper size given by \stockwidth/height will be employed instead when it is available.
        • real*: The output should be equal to the layout paper size, even if the stock paper size is available.
        • {<width>,<height>}: The output should be equal to the specified values.
        • <width>*<height>: The alternative form of {<width>,<height>}. It is provided because option strings including braces are not permitted in the package option list.
        • <papersize-name>: The output should be equal to the given size. The set of available paper-size names is the same as in the geometry package and is listed below: a0paper–a6paper, b0paper–b6paper, c0paper–c6paper, b0j–b6j, ansiapaper–ansiepaper, letterpaper, legalpaper, executivepaper, screen.
        • landscape, truedimen: These are used in combination with <papersize-name> options, and have the same meaning as in the geometry package.
        • box: The output should be the actual size of the box to be shipped out. It is provided for advanced users.

Note that, however, what happens about output paper size when some settings are changed in the midst of pages differs among engines and/or DVI drivers. Thus such usage should be employed only by advanced users.

The comamnd \bxpapersizesetup is a synonym for \papersizesetup, so as to cope with command name conflict. Namely, \papersizesetup will be not (re)defined if the command of that name is already defined, but \bxpapersizesetup will be always provided.

Revision History

  • Version 0.6 ‹2022/04/28›
    • Add autodvidriver option.
      • Rearrange spec on driver options.
    • Version 0.5 ‹2020/10/01›
      • Support kernel 2020/10/01. (But priority setting is not yet supported.)
    • Version 0.4 ‹2019/10/05›
      • Load pxatbegshi to properly handle p tate mode.
        • Remove (experimental) adjustmag option.
    • Version 0.3b ‹2017/10/08›
      • Support p-ng (Ap) engine properly.
        • (Experimental) Add adjustmag option.
    • Version 0.3a ‹2017/05/02›
      • Support format size=<width>*<height>
    • Version 0.3 ‹2017/02/08›
      • As to size=real, the stock size becomes taken into account, and the new value real* is provided.
        • Make nodvidriver synonym for disabled.
        • Make \papersizesetup synonym for \bxpapersizesetup.
        • Add olddvips.
        • Support size=<papersize-name>. together with landscape and truedimen.
    • Version 0.2 ‹2016/03/26›
      • The first public version.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR") https://github.com/zr-tex8r

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (8.0k).

bxpapersize – Synchronize output paper size with layout paper size

As is well known, in processing layout paper size specified by document class options is not automatically applied to output paper size. This package enables authors to synchronize both kinds of paper sizes.

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Version0.6 2022-04-28
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Copyright2016–2022 Takayuki YATO (aka ‘ZR’)
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