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The bullcntr package defines the command "\bullcntr", which can be thought
of as an analogue of the "\fnsymbol" command: like the latter, it displays
the value of a counter lying between 1 and 9, but uses, for the purpose, a
regular pattern of bullets.  Approximately, these nine patterns of bullets
are laid down as follows:

  *            *   *
                              *   *
  1              2              3

  *            *   *           * *
*   *            *            *   *
  *            *   *           * *
  4              5              6

 * *           * * *          * * *
* * *           * *           * * *
 * *           * * *          * * *
  7              8              9

An ancillary package is included along with the bullcntr package: the
bullenum package.  This is a "wrapper" that calls bullcntr and, in
addition, defines a new environment, called "bullenum", that lets you
create enumeration lists numbered via the "\bullcntr" command.

I wrote this package as an amusing exercise during a boring afternoon in
which I had nothing better to do!

The bullcntr package may be distributed and/or modified under the
conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, available at
See the files `00readme.txt' and `manifest.txt' for further details.

For more information, read the following files:

00readme.txt        --  start by reading this file
bullcntr-man.pdf    --  general information on the bullcntr package (PDF)

Other files that make up the distribution are:

manifest.txt        --  legal stuff
bullcntr.dtx        --  main source file
bullcntr.ins        --  installation script
bullcntr-man.tex    --  LaTeX source of `bullcntr-man.pdf'
bullcntr-sam.tex    --  sample code that uses the bullcntr package
bullenum-sam.tex    --  sample code that uses the bullenum package

See the file `manifest.txt' for a more precise specification of what files
constitutes a LPPL-compliant distribution.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (742.8k).

bull­c­ntr – Dis­play list item counter as reg­u­lar pat­tern of bul­lets

The bull­c­ntr pack­age de­fines the com­mand bull­c­ntr, which may be thought of as an ana­logue of the \fn­sym­bol com­mand: like the lat­ter, it dis­plays the value of a counter ly­ing be­tween 1 and 9, but uses, for the pur­pose, a reg­u­lar pat­tern of bul­lets.

Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2007 Gus­tavo Mezzetti
Main­tainer Gus­tavo Mezzetti
Con­tained inTeX Live as bull­c­ntr
MiKTeX as bull­c­ntr
Topics for­mat­ting num­bers, etc
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