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    The not so Short Introduction to LaTeX
    by Tobias Oetiker <tobi@oetiker.ch>
    If you want to learn how to write your documents with LaTeX,
    this introduction is for you. It is not about setting up a
    LaTeX system. While it is not as comprehensive as Lamport's book,   
    it should be sufficient in most cases.

    Rebuild the whole document from scratch by LaTeXing
    lshort.tex. (If you don't have the AMS classes installed, the
    relevant parts of the document will be left out, but it
    will format without problem. After latexing the document twice, 
    you should use makeindex to generate a new index file.

    (to get the adobe euro symbol right you need to install the 
      ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/type/win/all/eurofont.exe as described in

    The preformatted versions of the document are set for double sided
    printing on A4 paper. If you want a single sided version, you need to
    replace "twoside" by "oneside" in the parameters list of the
    \documentclass command in lshort.tex. To produce a small booklet (A5)
    you can use the pre generated ps file of you can use your dvi-driver to
    shrink the output and then use pstops to paste the resulting pages
    together in the right order.

    there is a Makefile provided which you may want to use
    to rebuild everything

    Tobias Oetiker   tobi@oetiker.ch

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.9M).

lshort-english – A (Not So) Short Introduction to

The document derives from a German introduction (‘lkurz’), which was translated and updated; it continues to be updated.

This translation has, in its turn, been translated into several other languages; see the lshort catalogue entry for the current list.

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