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PST-Cox v1.0
This project contains two LaTeX packages for drawing regular complex  polytopes:
	- pst-coxcoor:  pre-calculated regular polytopes up to dimension 4.
	- pst-coxeterp: infinite series of regular complex regular polytopes.

See for more information the files pst-coxcoor_doc.ps and pst-coxeterp_doc.ps of the package.

First check whether the project can be installed by the distribution that you use. The packages need PSTrick and xkeyval of Hendri Adriaens.

The structure and location in the Tex-tree is shown below.

README.txt: should be not installed

|                      - pst-coxeterp_doc.ps
|     --- pst-coxeterp-|
|-doc-|                - Gallery_doc.ps
|     |
|     |               - pst-coxcoor_doc.ps
|     --- pst-coxcoor-|
|                     - Gallery.ps
|-dvips-[-- pst-coxcoor-[ pst-coxeter.pro
|             --- pst-coxeterp-[ pst-coxeterp.sty
|             |
|     |-latex-|
|     |       |
|     |       --- pst-coxcoor-[ pst-coxcoor.sty
|     |         --- pst-coxeterp-[ pst_coxeterp.tex
|     |         |
|     |-generic-|
|     |         |
|     |         --- pst-coxcoor-[ pst-coxcoor.tex

Don't forget to update your filename database after installing the

Contact informations
Jean-Gabriel Luque
Institut Gaspard Monge
Universit� Paris-Est 
77454 Marne-la-Vall�e Cedex 2

Copyright � 2008 Jean-Gabriel Luque, Manuel Luque.
This work may be distributed and/or modified  under the condition of the Lesser GPL.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.3M).

pst-cox – Draw­ing reg­u­lar com­plex poly­topes with PSTricks

Pst-cox is a PSTricks pack­age for draw­ing 2-di­men­sional pro­jec­tions of com­plex reg­u­lar poly­topes (af­ter the work of Cox­eter).

The pack­age con­sists of a macro li­brary for draw­ing the pro­jec­tions. The com­plex poly­topes ap­pear in the study of the root sys­tems and play a cru­cial role in many do­mains re­lated to math­e­mat­ics and physics. Th­ese poly­topes have been com­pletely de­scribed by Cox­eter in his book “Reg­u­lar Com­plex Poly­topes”.

There ex­ist only a fi­nite num­bers of ex­cep­tional reg­u­lar com­plex poly­topes (for ex­am­ple the icosa­he­dron) and some in­fi­nite se­ries (for ex­am­ple, one can con­struct a multi-di­men­sional ana­logue of the hy­per­cube in any fi­nite di­men­sion).

The li­brary con­tains two pack­ages. The first, pst-cox­coor, is de­voted to the ex­cep­tional com­plex reg­u­lar poly­topes whose co­or­di­nates have been pre-com­puted. The sec­ond, pst-cox­eterp, is de­voted to the in­fi­nite se­ries.

Home pagehttp://melu­sine.eu.org/syra­cuse/pstricks/pst-cox/
Ver­sion0.98 Beta
Li­cense GNU Li­brary Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainer Jean-Gabriel Luque
Con­tained inTeX Live as pst-cox
MiKTeX as pst-cox
Topics pack­age us­ing PStricks for graph­i­cal out­put
sup­port for type­set­ting math­e­mat­ics
sup­port for type­set­ting physics doc­u­ments
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