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OpenType Uni­code fonts for Sci­en­tific, Tech­ni­cal, and Math­e­mat­i­cal texts

About the STIX fonts.

See https://www.stix­fonts.org/ for back­ground on the the STIX Fonts project.

The Sci­en­tific and Tech­ni­cal In­for­ma­tion eXchange (STIX) fonts are in­tended to meet the de­mand­ing needs of au­thors, pub­lish­ers, print­ers, and oth­ers in the sci­en­tific, med­i­cal, and tech­ni­cal fields. They com­bine a com­pre­hen­sive Uni­code-based col­lec­tion of math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bols and al­pha­bets with a set of text faces suit­able for pro­fes­sional pub­lish­ing. They are avail­able roy­alty-free un­der the SIL Open Font Li­cense, Ver­sion 1.1.

Ver­sion 2 of the STIX fonts, now known as “STIX Two”, is a thor­ough re­vi­sion of ver­sion 1 un­der­taken by the renowned type house Tiro Type­works. The STIX Two fonts con­sist of four text fonts (Reg­u­lar, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic) and one Math font. To­gether, they pro­vide a uni­form set of fonts that can be used through­out the pro­duc­tion pro­cess, whether that be a tra­di­tional print-only pro­cess, an en­tirely elec­tronic one, or a com­bi­na­tion of the two.

The STIX project be­gan through the joint ef­forts of the Amer­i­can Math­e­mat­i­cal So­ci­ety (AMS), the Amer­i­can In­sti­tute of Physics (AIP), the Amer­i­can Phys­i­cal So­ci­ety (APS), the Amer­i­can Chem­i­cal So­ci­ety (ACS), the In­sti­tute of Elec­tri­cal and Elec­tronic Engi­neers (IEEE), and El­se­vier. Th­ese com­pa­nies are col­lec­tively known as the STI Pub com­pa­nies.

A Fresh Take on Times Ro­man

The orig­i­nal ver­sion of STIX was based on Times Ro­man, which has now been up­dated for the dig­i­tal age.

As is well known, Times Ro­man was orig­i­nally in­tended for print­ing the Lon­don Times. What is not gen­er­ally ap­pre­ci­ated is that the pro­duc­tion qual­ity of the Times was atyp­i­cally high: It was printed on un­usu­ally high-qual­ity pa­per on presses that op­er­ated more slowly than most news­pa­per presses. This al­lowed for the de­sign of a type­face that could ex­ploit this level of care: ser­ifs could be much finer and coun­ters (en­closed ar­eas such as that in the low­er­case e) could be much smaller than in other news­pa­per type­faces. Th­ese fea­tures of the font have not al­ways fared well in less ex­act­ing en­vi­ron­ments. At the same time, a no­table quirk of the Times Ro­man fam­ily is that the bold font is, in many re­spects, strik­ingly dis­sim­i­lar to the ro­man font.

Tiro Type­works ex­plain their ap­proach to up­dat­ing the Times Ro­man ba­sis of STIX as fol­lows:

“Our prin­ci­pal goal in ap­proach­ing STIX Two was to ad­dress sev­eral
in­her­ent de­fi­cien­cies in the Times New Ro­man model as well as ex­pand
the ty­po­graphic fea­tures. This pro­cess nec­es­sar­ily in­volved
di­verg­ing some­what from Times as fa­mil­iar to peo­ple who have only
known the com­mon dig­i­tal ver­sions, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously restor­ing to
that type­face as­pects of the size-ap­pro­pri­ate de­sign char­ac­ter­is­tics
that made it so suc­cess­ful in news­pa­per, book, and jour­nal
pub­lish­ing in it’s metal type in­car­na­tion. The es­sen­tial
‘Times-ness’ re­mains, but are with greater har­mon­i­sa­tion of style
across the fam­ily.

“Most dig­i­tal ver­sions of Times have been based on an op­ti­cal size
model that ap­pears too light and fine when scaled down to typ­i­cal
text sizes. In the de­sign of STIX Two, we went back to spec­i­mens of
size-spe­cific de­signs from the metal era, and adapted pro­por­tions,
weights, and spac­ing of the 10pt and 12pt de­signs. The oft-noted
mis­match be­tween the style of dif­fer­ent weights of Times has been
re­solved with a new bold de­sign that matches the con­struc­tion of the
reg­u­lar weight.”

Font im­ple­men­ta­tion de­ci­sions

  • The STIX fonts do not con­tain fixed-width or sans serif text faces.
  • The sans serif, frak­tur, script, etc., al­pha­bets in Plane 1 (U+1D400-U+1D4FF) are in­tended to be used only as tech­ni­cal sym­bols.
  • Th­ese fonts are de­signed to sup­port left-to-right type­set­ting in Latin-based scripts, with ad­di­tional sup­port for Greek and Cyril­lic text. Ex­ten­sions to sup­port other writ­ing di­rec­tions have been con­sid­ered, but are cur­rently deemed to be out­side the scope of the STIX project.

Note to users

Th­ese fonts have been tested with both and lua with good re­sults. For best re­sults, users will want to use ver­sion 0.99999 or later of , which ships with Live 2018. This ver­sion fixes a num­ber of bugs that were present in ear­lier ver­sions. Our thanks go out to Jonathan Kew and Khaled Hosny for their gen­er­ous help in iden­ti­fy­ing and fix­ing these bugs. users should also make sure they have the lat­est ver­sion of the ams­math pack­age.

Sum­mary of OpenType Fea­tures and Scripts

Fur­ther de­tails these fea­tures can be found in the code charts.

The four text fonts im­ple­ment the fol­low­ing OpenType script tags:

Regular   Bold      Italic    BoldItalic

DFLT      DFLT      DFLT      DFLT          Default
cyrl      cyrl      cyrl      cyrl          Cyrillic
                    cyrl.MKD  cyrl.MKD      Cyrillic/Macedonian
                    cyrl.SRB  cyrl.SRB      Cyrillic/Serbian
grek      grek      grek      grek          Greek
latn      latn      latn      latn          Latin
latn.ROM  latn.ROM  latn.ROM  latn.ROM      Latin/Romanian        
latn.TRK  latn.TRK  latn.TRK  latn.TRK      Latin/Turkish

and the fol­low­ing fea­tures

c2sc    Small Capitals from Capitals
case    Case-Sensitive Forms
ccmp    Glyph Composition/Decomposition
dnom    Denominators
frac    Fractions
kern    Kerning
liga    Standard Ligatures -- latn only
locl    Localized Forms    -- latn.ROM and Italic/BoldItalic cyrl.MKD only
numr    Numerators
onum    Oldstyle Figures
pnum    Proportional Figures
smcp    Small Capitals
subs    Subscript
sups    Superscript

All four text fonts also sup­port the fol­low­ing Char­ac­ter Vari­ants:

cv01    U+019B Lambda with horizontal, not slanted stroke -- latn only
cv02    U+0264 Rams horn with serifs -- latn only
cv03    U+2423 OPEN BOX curved instead of straight

In ad­di­tion, the Italic and BoldI­talic faces sup­port the fol­low­ing Stylis­tic Vari­ants:

ss01    Replace two-story g by hooked g      -- Italic/BoldItalic only
ss02    Upright parens, brackets, and braces -- Italic/BoldItalic only

STIX Two Math im­ple­ments the fol­low­ing font fea­tures:

ccmp    Glyph Composition/Decomposition
dtls    Dotless forms of i and j
flac    Flattened accents
ssty    Math Script style alternates

and the fol­low­ing Char­ac­ter Vari­ant (note the dif­fer­ent mean­ing com­pared to the text fonts):

cv03    Replace U2205 EMPTY SET by an oblate form

and the fol­low­ing Stylis­tic Sets (again, note that ss01 and ss02 have dif­fer­ent mean­ings com­pared to the text fonts):

ss01    Stylistic Set 1 -- Math chancery to roundhand (\mathcal -> \mathscr)
ss02    Stylistic Set 2 -- Alternate italic forms: g, u, v, w, z
ss03    Stylistic Set 3 -- Horizontal crossbar variants
ss04    Stylistic Set 4 -- Minute, second and primes to long variants
ss05    Stylistic Set 5 -- Short arrow variants
ss06    Stylistic Set 6 -- Short/narrow variants
ss07    Stylistic Set 7 -- Alternate math symbols (product, summation, etc)
ss08    Stylistic Set 8 -- Upright integral variants; XITS compatible
ss09    Stylistic Set 9 -- Vertical slash variants; XITS compatible
ss10    Stylistic Set 10 -- Diagonal greater/lesser combination variants
ss11    Stylistic Set 11 -- Long slash not-equal combination variants
ss12    Stylistic Set 12 -- Low contrast (sans-like) variants
ss13    Stylistic Set 13 -- Horizontally flipped sine wave glyph
ss14    Stylistic Set 14 -- Tall variants
ss15    Stylistic Set 15 -- Slab serif symbol variants
ss16    Stylistic Set 16 -- Circled operator variants
ss20    Stylistic Set 20 -- Miscellaneous variants

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.9M).

stix2-otf – OpenType Uni­code text and maths fonts

The Sci­en­tific and Tech­ni­cal In­for­ma­tion eXchange (STIX) fonts are in­tended to sat­isfy the de­mand­ing needs of au­thors, pub­lish­ers, print­ers, and oth­ers work­ing in the sci­en­tific, med­i­cal, and tech­ni­cal fields.

They com­bine a com­pre­hen­sive Uni­code-based col­lec­tion of math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bols and al­pha­bets with a set of text faces suit­able for pro­fes­sional pub­lish­ing.

The fonts are avail­able roy­alty-free un­der the SIL Open Font Li­cense.

Home pagehttp://www.stix­fonts.org/
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Copy­right2001–2016 STI Pub Com­pa­nies
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