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Some remarks to the METAFONT-Definitions for OCR-B fonts:

  1. This information was developed by

     Norbert Schwarz
     Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
     Postfach 10 21 48
     D-4630 Bochum 1
     West Germany

     EARN:  P920021@DBORUB01

  2. To my knowledge, the original typeface for OCR-B was developed by
     Adrian Frutiger.  In Germany there even exists an industrial
     standard - DIN ????? - that describes the typefaces.  Based on such
     material the input has been developed.  I cannot speak to the legal
     consequences of these.
     As far as the digitization in METAFONT input which I have
     developed, you may freely use, modify, and/or distribute any of
     these files or the resulting fonts, without limitation.  A previous
     release of ocr-b only granted rights for non-commercial use; that
     restriction is now lifted.
  3. It is tested that the generated output is machine readable.
     The tests are done with a 300 dpi laser engine.
  4. As this work has been done with an early METAFONT version
     and testing was the main purpose, there was no further
     development in defining good points with respect to pixels etc.
     Low resolution devices may give problems.
  5. There are two main files:
     OCRBDEF  MF     33454  12.11.86  11:02
     OCRBMAC  MF      8152   8.09.89  19:51
     The first one contains the path definitions for all the
     characters, the second one contains the operating macros.
  6. Driver files:

     The file OCRB10.MF is the main driver file for the 
     original OCR-B font, all other files contain variant
     for illustrating purposes.

     OCRB10   MF       776  12.11.86  11:06

     OCRB10S  MF       774  12.11.86  11:06   sharp corners
     OCRB10L  MF       770  12.11.86  11:05   slanted

     OCRB10G  MF       778  12.11.86  11:05   outline, slanted
     OCRB10F  MF       770  12.11.86  11:05   outline

     OCRB10E  MF       784  12.11.86  11:04   negative, sharp corners
     OCRB10X  MF       777  12.11.86  11:06   negative

     some smaller sizes:
     OCRB5    MF       776  12.11.86  11:07
     OCRB6    MF       776  12.11.86  11:07
     OCRB7    MF       776  12.11.86  11:08
     OCRB8    MF       776  12.11.86  11:08
     OCRB9    MF       776  12.11.86  11:08

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (17.4k).

ocr-b – Fonts for OCR-B

source for OCR-B at several sizes.

Version 2010-12-23
LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
Copyright1995, 2010 Norbert Schwarz
MaintainerNorbert Schwarz
Contained inTeX Live as ocr-b
MiKTeX as ocr-b
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