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Font specialist

This topic contains packages with fonts for specific small application areas.

Special support for the æ character.
Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio.
Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio.
Improved quantifier stroke for Begriffsschrift packages.
Font and macros for Chinese calendar.
A serif font family.
A font designed by a committee.
Typeset documents using base twelve numbering (also called “dozenal”).
Euro and CE sign font.
and macros for Euro sign.
Support for the Danish "Dania" phonetic system.
Genealogy symbols.
A compilation genealogy font.
Fonts for gray-scales.
The Green Point logo.
Knuth’s halftone font and its uses.
A font for KIX codes.
The package provides dedicated commands to generate (vectorial) meteorological symbols.
Font for representing the phases of the moon.
Support for printing Morse code signs.
Glyphs used when transliterating ancient scripts.
OCR A font.
Fonts for OCR-A.
Fonts for OCR-B.
OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType.
Modification of a Go package to create othello boards.
Phonetic fonts, based on Computer Modern.
A font providing the "recyclable" logo.
Semaphore alphabet font.
The StarFont Sans astrological font.
A font offering the new (Indian) Rupee symbol.
Fonts and macros for IPA phonetics characters.
A half-tone font.
Using Bell's Visible Speech alphabet.
Ridgeway's fonts.
A crossed-out version of Computer Modern.
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