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These are the kpfonts package, provided by
		Christophe Caignaert		174 rue Charles Lebon
		59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq		France
		for distribution under the GNU General Public License 
		with a special exception. 
		See 	http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html 
		for the detail of GPL. 
		The special exception is as follows:
		Permission is granted to include kpfonts
		in a document in the Postscript, PDF, or any other
		formats that may be displayed or printed using these
		fonts, regardless of the licensing condition applied
		to the document itself.
Each of these files is individually covered by the license :
for licensing purposes, they are not "part of" any larger entity.
I designed the roman fonts from, at first, URW Palladio. 
URW++ is in agreement with the kpfonts project and, consequently, approves it.
For further information, read:		tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/fonts/urw/base35/README.base35

Release 1.0  2007/04/20
Release 1.1  2007/05/04 New 'oldstyle' option, and \sqrt bug fixed.
Release 1.11 2007/06/03 Correct bad kernings of 'quote' symbols.
Release 1.12 2007/07/14 Uppercase 'Q' bug (oldstyle-SmallCaps) fixed.
Release 1.13 2007/07/16 A bug when fixing 1.12 bug fixed (!) 
                        Best kerning of 'i' with accent in sf fonts.
Release 2.0  2008/01/01	Different bugs fixed,
                        New design for some glyphs, including italic v, w, y...
                        New design for some symbols, including \exists...
                        New design of 'f' ligatures,
                        New lowercase 'q' in oldstyle-SmallCaps,
                        New major option 'light', 
                        (all these with same metrics !),
                        New metrics of lowercase 'g,j,p' in bold math,
                        New option 'rmx', (light, medium, semi-bold, bold),
                        New options 'oldstylemath' and 'fulloldstyle',
                        New options 'veryoldstyle', 'veryoldstylemath' and 'fullveryoldstyle',
                        New option 'onlyrm'...
Release 2.1  2008/03/21	New kernings of hyphen,
                        New approach of lowercase greek letters,
                        New options 'oldstylenums', 'oldstylenumsmath' and 'fulloldstylenums',
                        'emdash' correctly fixed in tt-fonts,
                        Now, 'textcomp' is fully supported.
Release 2.2  2008/05/21	New option 'largesmallcaps' with real larger smallcaps,
                        New option 'narrowiints' with narrower multiple integrals.
Release 2.21 2008/06/02	Bug in kpfonts.sty file fixed.
Release 2.22 2008/07/07 New design of the 'oslash' glyph, and new width, now the same as the 'o' glyph,
                        according to the correct se in Denmark and Norway.
                        Bug in the slong bold of tt-font fixed.
Release 2.3  2008/09/09 New kerning Uppercase-Lowercase of large small caps,
                        New kerning P-s,
                        New option 'nofligatures' with no fi, fl, ff, ffi, ffl ligatures and special 'f' design,
                        New option 'partialup' with upright design of the \partial symbol,
                        New shape 'scsl', small caps slanted, available in regular and large small caps.
Release 2.31 2008/09/27 Bug in the kpfonts.map file fixed (default symbols math fonts with dvips). 
Release 3.0  2009/03/03 New math accents, \widearc, \widearcarrow, \wideparen, \widering,
                        design of \widehat accent slightly altered,
                        width of integral symbols slighty increased.
                        New option 'widermath' with obvious action.
                        Subscript and superscript position revisited in all math alphabets.
                        Kerning revisited in all text fonts.
                        (The two last can alter your typesetting!)
Release 3.01 2009/03/23 \pounds bug in math mode fixed.
Release 3.02 2009/04/20 \questiondown bug fixed,
                        best "find" facilities in output documents.
Release 3.1  2009/05/20 Now, you can use the options of "amsmath" as option of "kpfonts", except'cmex10'!
                        New options 'intlimits', 'nointlimits' and 'fullintlimits';
                        New options 'sumlimits', 'nosumlimits' and 'fullsumlimits';
                        These options affect the position of subscript and superscript.
Release 3.11 2009/12/08 A bug with the \ss symbol when using "largesmallcaps" option fixed.
Release 3.12 2010/01/31 Some bugs fixed (missing files and vf-tfm errors).
Release 3.2  2010/03/03 Some bugs fixed (\biguplus, \precapprox, \succapprox),
                        New option 'sfmath',
                        New math versions 'sf', 'boldsf', 'rm' and 'boldrm'.
Release 3.3  2010/04/20 New math alphabet \mathupright, or \mathup.
                        New option 'easyscsl' allowing you to fit together \textsc and \textsl.
                        New options 'lighttext' and 'lightmath'.
                        Bug fixed, (very old styles light medium weight).
Release 3.31 2010/08/20 Bug fixed (\classicstylenums).
                        New absolute commands \partialup and \partialsl.
Release 3.32 2011/03/30 Bug fixed (\epsilon in sans-serif upright medium).
			New doc file : math table fonts.

Because of the (very?) large set of options,			
read the docs files 'kpfonts.pdf' or in french 'Kpfonts-Doc-French.pdf'!

Almost all kpfonts options in one page: 'kpfonts-abstract.pdf'
The math table fonts : 'kpfonts-math-symbols-tables.pdf'

Christophe Caignaert

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (7.5M).

kp­fonts – A com­plete set of fonts for text and math­e­mat­ics

The fam­ily con­tains text fonts in ro­man, sans-serif and monospaced shapes, with true small caps and old-style num­bers; the pack­age of­fers full sup­port of the textcomp pack­age. The math­e­mat­ics fonts in­clude all the AMS fonts, in both nor­mal and bold weights.

Each of the font types is avail­able in two main ver­sions: de­fault and ‘light’. Each ver­sion is avail­able in four vari­ants: de­fault; old­style num­bers; old­style num­bers with old lig­a­tures such as ct and st, and long-tailed cap­i­tal Q; and very­old­style with long s. Other vari­ants in­clude small caps as de­fault or ‘large small caps’, and for math­e­mat­ics both up­right and slanted shapes for Greek let­ters, as well as de­fault and nar­row ver­sions of mul­ti­ple in­te­grals.

The fonts were orig­i­nally de­rived from URW Pal­la­dio (with URW’s agree­ment) though the fonts are very clearly dif­fer­ent in ap­pear­ance from their par­ent.

Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerChristophe Caig­naert
TDS archivekpfonts.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as kp­fonts
MiKTeX as kp­fonts
Topics font avail­able in Adobe Type 1 for­mat
Sans-serif font
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