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This is the second release of the IndUni Omega fonts. The number of
characters they contain has been significantly increased.

The files in this archive are virtual fonts for Omega, the 16-bit
Unicode-aware development from TeX. They have been created using
vpl2ovp, a program I have written to generate arbitrarily accented
virtual fonts. The subset of Unicode that they implement is the same
as is used for the IndUni OpenType fonts: see the file
IndUni_Omega.def. However, because of the limitations of virtual fonts
based on Type 1 PostScript fonts, not all of the characters can be
made available. The fonts are made available under the GNU General
Public License.

The program itself is available for download:

The fonts referenced are URW++'s lookalikes for Times (ptm*-IndUni.*),
New Century Schoolbook (pnc*-IndUni.*), Palatino (ppl*-IndUni.*),
Helvetica (phv*-IndUni.*) and Courier (pcr*-IndUni.*). They will
probably produce very acceptable results with the original proprietary
(non-freeware) fonts as well.

In all these fonts, glyphs representing characters requiring more than
a single codepoint (e.g. a-macron-acute, r-underring-macron-acute) are
stored in Unicode's Private Use Area, and a system of ligatures is
provided to allow them to be accessed. This system also permits
single-codepoint accented characters to be accessed through their
"decomposed" component parts. Thus of the characters a-macron (single
codepoint: U+0101) and a-macron-acute (two codepoints: U+0101 +
U+0301), the former will be accessible both as U+0101 (a-macron) and
as U+0061 + U+0304 ("a" + macron); the latter will be accessible both
as U+0101 + U+0301 (a-macron + acute) and U+0061 + U+0304 + U+0301
("a" + macron + acute). This is a considerable advantage, given the
different possible ways in which Unicode can be, and is, used.

As of this release, one minor change has been introduced: the sequence
of Unicode codepoints required to access the "kh underbar" character
is now "k" + U+035F + "h", not "k" + U+200D + "h" + U+0331; the same
applies, mutatis mutandis, to "Kh" and "KH". (U+035F is "combining
double macron below").

If you encounter problems with these fonts, email me. If you encounter
problems in getting them to work on your system, consult your local
Omega expert; your local TeX expert would probably also be able to
help :-)

John Smith

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (717.2k).

induni-om – Omega fonts for characters used in study of Sanskrit

The files are a comprehensive set of virtual fonts for the Latin glyphs used in the study of Sanskrit and similar languages. The virtual fonts are built for use with Omega, and use the URW look-alikes for Times, etc as base fonts.

Version 2009-01-20
LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerJohn Smith
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