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Concmath-otf package


Concrete-Math.otf’ is an Opentype version of the Concrete Math fontcreated by Ulrik Vieth in . concmath-otf.sty’ is a replacementfor the original concmath.sty’ package.


  • Concrete-Math.otf OpenType Math font
  • concmath-otf.sty style file: replaces concmath.sty for Lua/
  • concmath-otf.pdf Documentation in PDF format
  • concmath-otf.ltx source of concmath-otf.pdf
  • unimath-concrete.pdf Modified version of unimath-symbols.pdf showing available Concrete-Math symbols compared to
  •                LatinModern, STIXTwo, TeXGyrePagella and DejaVu.
  • unimath-concmath.ltx source of unimath-concrete.pdf
  • README.md (this file)


This package is meant to be installed automatically by Live, Mik, etc. Otherwise, the package can be installed under TEXMFHOME or TEXMFLOCAL, f.i. Concrete-Math.otf in directory texmf-local/fonts/opentype/public/concmath-otf/ and concmath-otf.sty in directory texmf-local/tex/latex/concmath-otf/. Documentation files and their sources can go to directory texmf-local/doc/fonts/public/concmath-otf/

Don't forget to rebuild the file database (mktexlsr or so) if you install under TEXMFLOCAL.

Finally, make the system font database aware of the Concrete-Math font (fontconfig under Linux).


  • The font Concrete-Math.otf’ is licensed under the SIL Open Font License,

Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at: http://scripts.sil.org/OFL

  • The other files are distributed under the terms of the Project
Public License from CTAN archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt. Either version 1.3 or, at your option, any later version.


  • First public version: 0.20
  • v. 0.21
    • Integrals are now slanted by default, option "Style=upint" (+ss03) make them upright.
    • More integrals added: U+222F to U+2233 and U+2A11.
    • Corrected symbols prime, dprime, etc. (U+2032 to U+2037).
  • v. 0.22
    • concmath-otf.sty loads Concrete-Math.otf by file name for .
    • Glyphs corrections: sum, prod, coprod and amalg, infty, propto, wp, ell redesigned;
  • v. 0.23
    • Delimiters, integrals, sum, prod etc. are now vertically centred by design on the maths axis (required by luametatex).
    • Upright integrals: fixed left bearings.
  • v. 0.24
    • Fixed wideoverbar (U+0305) which failed with .
    • Corrected negative right bearings of some display integrals.
    • Added stretchable integral for U+222B (usable with luametatex).
  • v. 0.25
    • Package now compatible with mathtools’ stretchable arrows.
    • Corrected some glyphs’ inconsistencies (maths axis, etc.).
    • diagup and diagdown moved from private area to U+27CB, U+27CD.
  • v. 0.40
    • Added missing stretchable glyhs: wideoverbar, widecheck, widebreve, overrightharpoon, overleftharpoon, overleftrightharpoon, underrightharpoon, underleftharpoon, underleftrightharpoon, underrightarrow, underleftarrow, underleftrightarrow, mathunderbar, underbracket, wideutilde.
    • overbrace, underbrace redrawn (all sizes).
    • Metrics corrected: overparen, overrightarrow, overleftarrow, overleftrightarrow.
    • Many glyphs have been emboldened (suggested by Mikael Sundqvist and Hans Hagen).
    • Most horizontal arrows and harpoons are now stretchable (dito).
    • Glyphs leqqslant, geqqslant, nleqqslant, ngeqqslant added.

— Copyright 2022-2023 Daniel Flipo E-mail: daniel (dot) flipo (at) free (dot) fr

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.9M).

concmath-otf – Concrete based OpenType Math font

This package provides an OpenType version of the Concrete Math font created by Ulrik Vieth in . “concmath-otf.sty” is a replacement for the original “concmath.sty” package to be used with Lua or engines.

LicensesThe SIL Open Font License
The Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2022–2023 Daniel Flipo
MaintainerDaniel Flipo
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