CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Change Log 1.5

Version 1.5.43 [2016-08-18]

  • Gmane mailing list archives seem to be down forever. Thus the references to it have been removed.
  • Announcements on CTAN-ann are shown on the CTAN portal now.
    • The cover page shows a short list of recent postings to ctan-ann.
    • A somewhat longer page with announcements is linked there.
      • There you can find a links to the Atom 1.0 feed and a RSS 2.0 feed of the newest announcements.
      • The page /news is gone and redirects to this announcements page
    • The package pages have a short list of announcements for the package.
      • They are missing if no announcements have been recognized yet.
      • From the package page you can navigate to a longer list of announcements of the package.
      • There you can find a link to the Atom 1.0 feed and a RSS 2.0 feed for the package.
    • Auto discovery of Atom and RSS channels has been added. Unfortunately many modern browsers need a plugins to make use of this.
    • Redirecting file URLs in the tex-archive to mirror sites.
  • Text for “Did you know” on the cover page partially translated to German.
  • Hyphenation of webmaster mail address disabled.
  • Link to single-file packages redirected to CTAN mirrors.

Version 1.5.42 [2016-07-26]

  • Asynchronous loading of files and directories added to tex-archive browser. A spinner is shown in this case.
  • File browser abbreviates size and date. The full values are shown on mouse-over.
  • Error on error pages fixed.

Version 1.5.41 [2016-07-17]

  • The search form presents Lucene errors more gently.

Version 1.5.40 [2016-07-03]

  • Fighting spam via the mirror registration form.

Version 1.5.39 [2016-06-30]

  • Validation for the mirror registration fixed.
  • Description on the upload page improved.

Version 1.5.38 [2016-06-09]

  • Ordering the packages on the author page.
  • Pop-up message as new message type introduced to present one-time messages to the user.

Version 1.5.37 [2016-05-02]

  • Ignoring HTML entities in upload improved.

Version 1.5.36 [2016-05-01]

  • Notification partially moved from configuration to database to make it online editable.
  • Upload notification improved.

Version 1.5.35 [2016-03-12]

  • Minor extension for date-related tags.

Version 1.5.34 [2016-02-12]

  • Disallow the same extensions for uploaded files on the client and the server.

Version 1.5.33 [2016-01-22]

  • Suppress inactive mark for died authors.

Version 1.5.32 [2016-01-11]

  • Flag for Algeria added.
  • Warning for elsarticle upload added.

Version 1.5.31 [2015-12-08]

  • Special treatment for index to fix a problem with the package index and the topic index.
  • Menu bar on small devices improved.
  • Icons added to foot buttons in generic layouts.

Version 1.5.30 [2015-11-15]

  • Gender added to authors.
  • Marking of deceased authors prepared.
  • Making the menus more mobile friendly.

Version 1.5.29 [2015-10-19]

  • Cursor change added for the generic skins.
  • Reducing search to magnifier icon on small devices.
  • Improvements for several skins.

Version 1.5.28 [2015-10-08]

  • Upload statistics added to cover page.
  • Fixed: readme files have to be real files.
  • Fixed: soft hyphens on mirrors page.

Version 1.5.27 [2015-09-27]

  • Markdown renderer gracefully ignores single space before itemize or enumerate item.
  • New favicons in various incarnations added.
  • File search added to search menu.
  • Typo on the upload page fixed.
  • Tool tip for feedback improved.
  • Headline for README added on browser page.
  • Responsive design on browser page improved.

Version 1.5.26 [2015-09-06]

  • Explanations in upload form improved.
  • Links for rsync URLs of mirrors removed.

Version 1.5.25 [2015-08-23]

  • /pkg/* URLs can take the name as well as the key of the package.
  • New policy for readme files documented.
  • Error handling for mirror registration improved.

Version 1.5.24 [2015-08-01]

  • Link in recommendations fixed.

Version 1.5.23 [2015-07-27]

  • Documentation of markdown for bold and italic text fixed.
  • Sorting of LUGs fixed – kind of.
  • Lithuanian flag fixed.
  • Tool tips improved.
  • Renamed recommendations to suggestions.
  • Missing translations on the settings page added.

Version 1.5.22 [2015-07-25]

  • Link to topics in menu fixed.

Version 1.5.21 [2015-07-18]

  • Color version of TeX collection integrated.
  • Several images for packages added.
  • Migrated to lightbox 2.7.1.
  • World map of mirrors changed to GeoChart.
  • Misleading country in mirror registration removed.

Version 1.5.20 [2015-06-15]

  • Upload problem fixed.
  • collection 2015 updated on cover.

Version 1.5.19 [2015-06-14]

  • Breadcrumb for packages fixed.
  • Fixes and improvements in the administration interface.

Version 1.5.18 [2015-06-08]

  • Length of announcement for upload form raised to 8192.
  • Omitting multi-column layout on author page if only few packages have to be shown.
  • Scheme of uploaded files altered.

Version 1.5.17 [2015-04-06]

  • Clarification of the announcement text on the upload page.
  • Subsections for countries on the mirrors page added. Regions identical to the city are suppressed.

Version 1.5.16 [2015-03-27]

  • Cambridge site is history now.
  • Improvement for broken links in markdown.

Version 1.5.15 [2015-03-22]

  • Improved line breaking and switch to one column layout on upload notification page.
  • Fix for image links in markdown.

Version 1.5.14 [2015-03-21]

  • Contact author button added.
  • Layout improvements on small devices added.
  • Fix for irc links in markdown.

Version 1.5.13 [2015-03-09]

  • Feedback button added.
  • Accepting soft hyphen in upload form.

Version 1.5.12 [2015-03-01]

  • Using a reduced head background image for gray skins.
  • Word marks  Live and MiK fixed.
  • Check box position on settings page fixed.
  • Escaping in guest book item fixed.
  • Back-end processing of uploads and mirror registrations improved.

Version 1.5.11 [2015-02-23]

  • Links on the licenses page fixed.
  • Text on upload page improved.

Version 1.5.10 [2015-02-19]

  • Toggling of indentation for share links added.
  • The featured topic on the cover page randomly takes into consideration the package last visited.
  • Separate maintenance page added.

Version 1.5.9 [2015-02-14]

  • Upload notification clarified.
  • Upload email improved.

Version 1.5.8 [2015-02-09]

  • Upload form validations for textareas withdrawn.

Version 1.5.7 [2015-02-08]

  • Upload form enhanced with more client-side validations. Especially the format of the CTAN path and the use of special characters is restricted.
  • Upload protocol improved.
  • Upload communication with the back-end extended.

Version 1.5.6 [2015-02-06]

  • List of licenses improved.
  • Upload notification email improved.

Version 1.5.5 [2015-02-01]

  • Flags displaying the sections of an extended search fixed.
  • Redirects for ancient URLs fixed.
  • Relative URLs in HTML forms of HTMLified README files fixed.

Version 1.5.4 [2015-01-30]

  • The simple default search is restricted to the catalogue and the portal itself.
  • Some links fixed.
  • Catalogue import fixed.

Version 1.5.3 [2015-01-26]

  • Fix: mirror monitor page fixed.

Version 1.5.2 [2015-01-25]

  • Fix: indexing of files improved.

Version 1.5.1 [2015-01-22]

  • /search.html added to ancient URLs. Not proposed, not liked, but working.
  • Fix in guest book: avoid Exception

Version 1.5.0 [2015-01-21]

  • Navigation buttons extended by drop-down menus. Thus more navigation items are present on each page.
  • Link to share pages on social media platforms have been added. The impact of using the Javascript libraries have been omitted by using a link-only interface each.
  • Search for file names enabled.
  • Teaser images for packages and topics added. This feature is experimental. Only a few images are present yet. The plain skins do not show these images at all.
  • HTML structure and CSS improved to speed up the response time.
  • Upgrade to Grails 2.4.4 including upgrade of all plugins used.
  • Migrated from resources plugin to asset pipeline (Partially).
  • Upgrade to Lucene 4.10.3.
  • Fix: ignoring shy in search. Thus cut and paste to search field works more smoothly.
  • Fix: Umlaut problem in search fixed.
  • Fix: disabling the hyphenation has been rewritten.
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