CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Requested Features

This page contains some ideas for improvements. They are not prioritized but listed in random order instead.

Functional Issues

Search for files in tex-archive

The search can be used to find a file in tex-archive by its name – with and without extension.

The search can be used to find a file in tex-archive even if is generated from another file, e.g. during installation. For instance files generated by ins files from dtx files are of this kind.

Search for control sequences in tex-archive

The search can be used to find a file in tex-archive which contains a given control sequence. Since catcodes are hard to grok only those appearances are indexed which really start with a backslash.

A classification with the categories “defined”, “used”, and “documented” would be helpful.

The same holds for environments.

Activity Profile of Packages

Show a profile showing all changes on a time axis. In addition to the uploads the automatic mirrored packages have to be taken into account.

Tagging Packages

The packages can be tagged. The tags can be added by the user. The tagging is possible for authenticated users only.

Tagging Directories

Logged-in user can add tags to directories. The tagging is only possible for authenticated users.

Personal Start Page

A user can define a personal start page with some portlets to choose and place.

Visualize number of packages and files

The number of packages and files can be shown as chart. A pie chart can be used to show the sizes of the directories directly under tex-archive and for those under tex-archive/macros. The pie chart should fit in its colors to the current skin.

Corrections for the Catalogue

Proposals for corrections of Catalogue entries can be submitted via the Web interface.

Allow Login with OpenId

Allow the user to login via an OpenId identity.

Search: Index the files in the archive

The files in the archive should be indexed and made searchable. This includes the macros as well as the documentation.

Voting for features

Allow a authenticated user to vote for a requested feature. The vote is recorded and can be corrected. Thus a user can not vote several times for the same feature.

Formatting of Math in package descriptions

Given that JavaScript is being invoked, it would seem good also to invoke the incarnation for MathJax so that math in the descriptive area is displayed.

Data Sources

Technical Issues

Confirmation Boxes

Replace the JavaScript confirmation boxes by better looking ones.

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