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CTAN bun­dle up­date --- ar­chaic fonts (sev­eral)

Date: Novem­ber 13, 2005 11:05:06 AM CET
Peter Wil­son writes: > I have up­loaded ar­chaic.tar.gz to UK in­com­ing. Please use the con­tents > to re­place the equiv­a­lent files in /fonts/ar­chaic (and asam­ples.pdf > re­plac­ing asam­ples.ps). There are no tech­ni­cal changes but a *.map file has > been pro­vided cov­er­ing all my ar­chaic fonts. > > I have also up­loaded the fol­low­ing .tar.gz files: > hi­eroglf, > pro­to­sem, > phoeni­cian, > greek4cbc, > greek6cbc, > etr­uscan, > runic, > nabatean, and > oands. > Th­e­ses should re­place the cor­re­spond­ing sub­di­rec­tores un­der fonts/ar­chaic. > The re­vi­sions to the bun­dles are es­sen­tially new *.pfb and *.afm files with > Fon­tNames match­ing the *.map files. The Fon­tName for font "Font" now fol­lows > the scheme Ar­chaic-Font. i've in­stalled the lot (whew!), and am up­dat­ing the cat­a­logue for ev­ery font in the en­tire bun­dle (since they used to re­fer to ar­chaic/asam­ple.ps...) thanks for the up­loads. Robin Fair­bairns For the CTAN team

ar­chaic – A col­lec­tion of ar­chaic fonts

The col­lec­tion con­tains fonts to rep­re­sent Ara­maic, Cypriot, Etr­uscan, Greek of the 6th and 4th cen­turies BCE, Egyp­tian hi­ero­glyph­ics, Lin­ear A, Lin­ear B, Na­batean old Per­sian, the Phais­tos disc, Phoeni­cian, proto-Semitic, runic, South Ara­bian Ugaritic and Vik­ing scripts.

The bun­dle also in­cludes a small font for use in pho­netic tran­scrip­tion of the ar­chaic writ­ings. The bun­dle's own di­rec­tory in­cludes a font in­stal­la­tion map file for the whole col­lec­tion.

Main­tainerApos­to­los Sy­ropou­los
Peter R. Wil­son
Uwe Zim­mer­mann



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