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CTAN submission – jurabib package v0.52h

Date: April 13, 2002 8:32:45 AM CEST
----- Forwarded message from Jens Berger ----- I've just uploaded the file jurabib-052h.zip to ftp://ftp.dante.de/incoming/ This archive contains an updated version (0.52h) of the jurabib package. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License. The following files are included: jurabib.ins jurabib.dtx jbgerdoc.tex (German documentation) jbendoc.tex (English documentation) changes.txt Changes since 0.51n: bugfix regarding starred \cite-commands, produced fatal error, reported by Jan Reidar Oeverland. small bugfix regarding \jbfirstcitepageranges. wrong order of publisher and address in jureco.bst corrected (reported by Klaus Hellermann), all hardcoded ": " replaced by \bpubaddr. some improvements on norwegian language file nojbbib.ldf, contributed by Jan Reidar Oeverland. bugfix for indexing macros, reported by Andrea Rossato. bugfix for ibidem, reported by Matthias Steinbrink. command \jbfirstcitepageranges introduced, it enables the output of pageranges for first citation of @ARTICLE and @PERIODICAL and adds an `here' before the page given via the optional argument of the cite command: `Author: Title [...], p. 192-225, here: p. 200' \jbbookedaftertitle introduced, for a @BOOK-entry with author and editor you are able to switch from `author; editor (ed): title ...' to `author: title, ed. by editor, ...' this command is experimental! Markup for volume improved, it's possible to set a (globally) separation command after volume: \aftervolsep. New field `totalpages' for @BOOK type introduced, produces `n pages' at the end of the bibliographic entry. A new macro called \bibtotalpagesname can be used to adapt the sequence after the total pages number, but beware of using abbreviations with a period at the end, this can result in unwanted double dots! This feature is experimental too. again minor bugfix regarding \formatpages and `pages=format'. jurunsrt.bst reintroduced. small bugfix regarding \formatpages and `pages=format', reported by Klaus Hellermann. automatic formatting of second page removed, when using \formatpages and `pages=format' (suggested by Benjamin von Engelhardt). bugfix for \jblookforgender, reported by Benedikt Welter. markup for volume and indexed authors introduced, both suggested by Otto Janschek. small bugfix regarding `annote' option and `bibformat=tabular'. markup for ISBN and ISSN introduced. some modifications in frjbbib.ldf, contributed by Hélène Fernandez. some modifications in spjbbib.ldf and itjbbib.ldf, contributed by Pablo Rodriguez. some bugfixes for missing author in @COMMENTED. markup for numbered bibliography introduced (\bibnumberformat). \bibbudcsep added, configurable separation of \urldatecomment (suggested by Carsten Mennenoeh), docs adapted. some bugfixes regarding gender handling: you have to use \jblookforgender explicitely in the preamble now. again bugfix regarding `bibformat=ibidemalt', \fsted and \snded macros rewritten. hardcoded dot replaced by \bibatsep in \incolledformat check for jhuman.bst reintroduced. bugfix for `bibformat=ibidemalt', reported by Matthias Damm. \jbshowbibextralabel introduced to show extra label for works from same year in the bibliography. bugfix for `pages=format', wrong `s' removed (reported by Maarten Wisse). bugfix for `hypercite=false'; check for loaded hyperref package removed, caused wrong hyperlinks (reported by Maarten Wisse). \par added in \jbannoteformat (suggested by Robert Schlicht). \bib[e]imfont is using \bib[e]fnfont instead of \bib[e]lnfont by default (suggested by Robert Schlicht). minor bugfixes, some reported by Robert Schlicht. annote files for bibliography are useable now. These files have to be named like the bibliography database entry with .tex extension and are used if the annote field is empty. With \bibAnnotePath you can give a path to your annote files (suggested by Robert Schlicht). dummy year reintroduced, needed for correct label generating. superfluous whitespace in \cite removed. natbib emulation commands bug fixed and improved, much better endnotes-support now. natbib emulation commands are able to recognize a second optional argument. tilde removed from \jb at deactivate@babel. \citefield knows value `url' now. \cite command can print out url, if no shortauthor and shorttitle is given. jurabib speaks now italian, first trial. (Thanks to Pablo Rodriguez). small bug inside jurabib.bst fixed, reported by Tilman Finke. bugfix regarding \formatpages and `commabeforerest', found by Tilman Finke. again some definitions changed in spjbbib.ldf (thanks to Pablo Rodriguez). \formatpages has now two optional arguments, I added one to make the separation before the start page configurable; is influenced by `commabeforerest' by default. new commands added to adapt the separation of \formatpages automatically Please replace the current files in the directory CTAN:/macros/latex/contrib/supported/jurabib/ ----- End forwarded message ----- Thank you for the upload. I installed it as suggested replacing the old version in CTAN:/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/jurabib/ Reinhard Zierke for the CTAN team

jurabib – Extended citation support for the humanities and legal texts

This package enables automated citation with for legal studies and the humanities. In addition, the package provides commands for specifying editors in a commentary in a convenient way. Simplified formatting of the citation as well as the bibliography entry is also provided. It is possible to display the (short) title of a work only if an authors is cited with multiple works. Giving a full citation in the text, conforming to the bibliography entry, is supported. Several options are provided which might be of special interest for those outside legal studies—for instance, displaying multiple full citations. In addition, the format of last names and first names of authors may be changed easily. Cross references to other footnotes are possible. Language dependent handling of bibliography entries is possible by the special language field.

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