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CTAN submission – jurabib package v0.6

Date: February 3, 2004 2:02:28 PM CET
A few days ago, I installed a new version of Jens Berger's jurabib package in CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/jurabib. Jens added this text for the announcement of this package: ----- Begin forwarded message ----- Here is a list of the most important changes: NEW: o IMPORTANT: The order of optional arguments has changed! `natoptargorder' option removed, natbib order of optional arguments is now NEW DEFAULT! There is a compatibility option `jurabiborder' for old documents. o jox.bst is part of jurabib.dtx. o Indexing code completely rewritten (contributed by Stefan Ulrich). o Danish language support added (contributed by Mads Munch Hansen). o Finnish language support added (contributed by Harri Kiiskinen). o Portuguese language support (contributed by Eva and Miguel Costa). o new option `silent', replaces \jbsilent. o new option `dotafter=bibentry' replaces \jbdotafterbibentry. o new option `dotafter=endnote' replaces \jbdotafterendnote. o new option `lookforgender', replaces \jblookforgender. o new option `annotatorlastsep', replaces `colastsep' option. o new option `annotatorfirstsep', replaces `cofirstsep' option. o new option `annotatorformat', replaces `coauthorformat' options. o new option `super' transforms \cite commands to footnotes, suggested by Frank Mittelbach. o new option `config=<configfile without extension>', allows to switch between configfiles, suggested by Frank Mittelbach. o new command \lookatfortype, allows to determine a list of entry types for which the lookat feature should be used (suggested by David Feest). o \footcitetitleonly introduced, suggested by Frank Mittelbach. o New commands to tune indexing introduced: \jbdonotindexeditors (suppress editor-indexing). \jbdonotindexauthors (suppress author-indexing). \jbdonotindexorganizations (suppress org-indexing). \jbindexonlyfirstauthors (to index authors only at first appearence). \jbindexolyfirsteditors (to index editors only at first appearence). \jbindexolyfirstorganizations (to index organizations only at first appearence). Known Problem: Authors with special characters (umlauts etc.) aren't sorted properly (makeindex-problem). o loading of config files rewritten. The loading is now as follows: 1. \usepackage option overwrites values given by config files. 2. option placed in \jurabibsetup (in the preamble) overwrites values given by \usepackage. 3. last \jurabibsetup overwrites values of preceding \jurabibsetup. o Some hooks for multibib.sty compatibility implemented, testfiles added for multibib compatibility (jbtestmb.tex) and for bibunits compatibility (jbtestbu.tex), thanks to Thorsten Hansen for adapting his packages. REMOVED: 'multiple'-functionality removed! To have the same feature you have to load footmisc.sty with option 'multiple' now, suggested by Frank Mittelbach. BUGFIXES: o \jbindexbib works correctly again. o added some alternative babel main language values, initially suggested by Harri Kiiskinen. o Hook for memoir.cls bibliography added, suggested by Robert Schlicht (requires mempatch.sty!). o small bugfix for loaded hyperref and tabularx packages (hyperref turns off hyperfootnotes internally), bug reported by Maarten Wisse. o bugfix for @manual function, did not recognize organization as fallback for missing author, reported by Frank Mittelbach. o new integer 'extra.extra.num', new function 'make.extra.label' and some modifications on 'forward.pass' (suggested by Robert Schlicht in d.c.t.t.) [...] Many Thanks Jens Berger -- www.jurabib.org ----- End forwarded message ----- Reinhard Zierke for the CTAN team

jurabib – Extended citation support for the humanities and legal texts

This package enables automated citation with for legal studies and the humanities. In addition, the package provides commands for specifying editors in a commentary in a convenient way. Simplified formatting of the citation as well as the bibliography entry is also provided. It is possible to display the (short) title of a work only if an authors is cited with multiple works. Giving a full citation in the text, conforming to the bibliography entry, is supported. Several options are provided which might be of special interest for those outside legal studies—for instance, displaying multiple full citations. In addition, the format of last names and first names of authors may be changed easily. Cross references to other footnotes are possible. Language dependent handling of bibliography entries is possible by the special language field.

MaintainerJens Berger



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