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Heiko Oberdiek

Using a color stack for transparency with pdfTeX
Better accessibility support for PDF files
Hooks for auxiliary files
Expand acronyms at least once
Attach files into PDF
Interactive use of \includeonly
Provides the \AtEndDvi command
Execute stuff at \shipout time
Alias counters
Handle bit-vector datatype
A new bookmark (outline) organization for hyperref
Integer calculations on very large numbers
Make hyper-references back from bibliography to citation
Catch an external file into a macro
Colon equals symbols
Record classes used in a document
Centred \not command
Alter the usage of the dvips colour stack
Create correct hyperlinks for DOI numbers
Deal with DOS binary EPS files
Converts numbers to English ordinal numbers
Consistent nested brackets
Avoid name clashes with e-TeX commands
Call epstopdf "on the fly"
Catch arguments delimited by end of line
Setting and clearing of flags in bit fields
Clean up title references
Extended file name support for graphics
Links to embedded files
Manipulate the graphics package's list of extensions
Substitute hyphenation patterns
Hyper extensions for doc.sty
Documentation macros for oberdiek bundle, etc
Adjusting the anchors of captions
Implements colour for packages hyperref and bookmark
Load patches for packages
Construct package bundles
Hyperref destination optimizer
Hypertext bookmarks in sectioning commands
Provides the \ifluatex switch
Define keys for use in the kvsetkeys package
Complete set of information/warning/error message macros
Provides the \ifpdf conditional
Expandable arithmetic operations with integers
Enhanced input encoding handling
Expandable checks for the current language
Detect "draft" and "final" class options
Detects use of VTeX and its facilities
Key value parser with default handler support
Key value format for package options
Allow UTF-8 in listings input
A structured copy of the LaTeX distribution
Color support based on LuaTeX's node attributes
Some LaTeX kernel commands for general use
Basic definitions for LuaTeX
Let assignment for LaTeX macros
Access TeX systems' "magic numbers"
Generate a texmf tree for a particular job
Variants of delimiters that act as maths open/close
Making a macro robust
Make reference to section names, etc
Dimens for picture macros
Extract and reinsert PDF annotations with pdfTeX
Define protected commands
Make landscape pages display as landscape
Implements pdfTeX's escape features using TeX or e-TeX
Improving colour support under pdftex
Fix colour problems in package 'parcolumns'
Select pages of a document for output
LuaTeX support for pdfTeX utility functions
Poor man's box drawing characters
Crop PDF graphics
Control rendering parameters
Replace pk fonts in PostScript with Type 1 fonts
Separate color stack for footnotes with pdfTeX
Fix colour problems in package 'parallel'
Colour and Graphics support for PDFTeX
Print page grid in background
Perform simple rotation cyphers
Counter operations with label references
Checksum based rerun checks on auxiliary files
Automatically resize overly large equations
Enhancement to the \stackrel command
Converting a string between different encodings
Assigning dimensions of a box to a length register
Make index package work with Koma-script classes
Semi-automatic detection of input encoding
Inclusion based on .aux file date stamps
Print PDF numbers with minimal digits
Format German phone numbers
Thumbnails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf
Tabular environments with height specified
Tabular environments with key-value interface
Definitions with two optional arguments
Provides unlimited unique counter
Hooks at the very end of a document
Convert numbers to letters
Extract size and resolution data from bitmap files
Arrows for chemists
Convert EPS to 'encapsulated' PDF using GhostScript
Generate Fibonacci numbers
A collection of logos with bookmark support
Extensive support for hypertext in LaTeX
A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek
Allows the setting of pdf encryption
Defines macros for maintaining colour stacks under pdfTeX
Permit use of UTF-8 characters in soul
Set hbox in outer horizontal mode
Source specials for PDF output
A new reference scheme for LaTeX
Embed files into PDF
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