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This topic contains packages for Unicode, material supporting it, and packages requiring it.

Find fonts that contain a given glyph.
Typeset alchemist and astrological symbols.
Convert Japanese character code to Unicode.
Convert common unicode symbols to code.
Unicode font encoding definitions for .
Generate Unicode characters from accented glyphs.
Bind fonts to specific unicode blocks.
Wrapper for 's and Lua's input normalization.
Universal inputenc, fontenc, and babel for pdf and Lua.
Unicode algorithms for Lua.
A trip to the wonderful world of mathematics.
Definitions of the meaning of Unicode characters.
Simple commands for caps-to-small-caps text.
Producing Unicode characters with TIPA commands.
Extended UTF-8 input encoding support for .
Extended UTF-8 input encoding for .
Macros for using characters from Unicode’s Private Use Area.
Unicode data and loaders for .
A Unicode font table generator.
Unicode mathematics support for and Lua.
Allow entering Unicode symbols in math formulas.
OpenType math support in (plain) .
Unicode normalization support.
Unicode small caps with Lua/XeLaTeX.
TIPA typefaces with Unicode characters as input.
Giving meaning to various Unicode space characters.
Convert CJK characters to Unicode, in pdf.
Generate Unicode characters from accented glyphs.
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