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                        FSS - TeX Editor V1.3

FSS-TeXEdit provide an easy interface for LaTeX2e, dvips, Ghostscript
and ispell. Most actions can be done like in common writing programmes
but you will have all features of LaTeX2e.

Read this overview, try TeXEdit and you will not live without it any more.

TeXEdit was written and developed in german. After some people asked me
for an english version I have started a first translation. It took more
time as I thought, but now I have a first result. Of course you will find
some errors (particularly in the INF file) but feel free to send me a bug
report. I try to complete the help file soon.

I am sure that it takes some time to finish the INF file, but I want to
place TeXEdit at your disposal now.

Some features:

  - 32bit multi-threaded design which is able to handle long file names.

  - Easiest way to build TeX source files with
    'pull-down' and 'click-up' menus, or with drag and drop.

  - Address data base included.

  - Shortcuts for macros

  - Text modules

  - The way of formating is the same as in common programmes: Select text
    and choose the formating command (bold, center, rotate etc.).

  - The menu bar provides access to more than 150 LaTeX-commands.

  - Input of (mathematic or special) characters with preview.

  - Supports dvips and LaTeX2e.

  - One shell as console for all programmes

  - Templates

  - Quick access window with all captions, which is able to move the text to
    the selected caption.

  - Comfortable editing of several files

  - ReXX interface

  - Automatic insertion of EPS, PCX and HPGL files by drag and drop.

  - Drag and drop
      - for import commands (EPS, PCX, HPGL, TeX)
      - for deleting the window
      - for (formated) printing

  - Help for LaTeX commands (F1) and access to all with emTeX distributed
    INF files.

  - Support of extern speller.

  - Preload option for a quick startup.

   - OS/2 2.1 or higher

   - 1,8 MB disk space

   - VGA minimum
     800x600 recommended

   - 12 MB RAM recommended
     (for simultaneous use of TeXEdit, Previewer and TeX)

   - Installed emTeX distribution

   - dvips, Ghostscript and hp2xx recommended



     The installation procedure is described in TeXEdit.INF.



   - Therefor you've to call DEINST.CMD. It will delete all entries
     made by TeXEdit from the OS2.INI file, but it will not delete
     any files.



   FSS-TeXEdit is shareware. You may use this programme (which provides
   nearly all features of the registered version) for a testing period.
   If you find FSS-TeXEdit useful, please register. After adding your
   registration code to TexEdit the following features will be available:

   - The status bar can be closed

   - The macro interface will be available. You can write your own
     macros and you've access to some useful macros provided with

   - You're allowed to open as many files as you want at one time.

   - The data base will save more than 5 addresses.

   - The text module option will be available.

   - The 'printing with options' will work

   - The 'next error' Button will work

   The registration of TeXEdit will cost $50. It is a life time
   registration. You don't have to pay for any newer version.

   Frank Stippich
   Jakob-Bernhard Strasse 9
   69151 Neckargemuend (Germany)
   Tel. 049+ 62 23 87 96
   E-Mail: 106154.1231@compuserve.com

texed – A shell for OS/2

A shell for OS/2, FSS-Edit provides an easy interface for , dvips, Ghostscript and ispell.

LicensesShareware: A fee is required
MaintainerFrank Stippich
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