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Syngen: is a tool for generating syntax diagrams from BNF. The diagrams
        are using the LaTeX picture mode and can therefore be integrated
        in every LaTeX2e document.

Version: 0.4, but fairly stable

Author: Jens Kl"ocker (kloecker@springer.de)

Contents: src/            -- the complete source code for syngen
          bin/            -- two compiled versions:
          bin/linux-elf/   - one for Linux in ELF format
          bin/bytecode/    - and one bytecode program, executable
                             only with cslrun
          doc/            -- the users manual (dvi, ps)

Status: Freeware, but if you find it useful please write a nice
        postcard to me: Jens Kl"ocker
                        Gro"se Ringstra"se 27
                        69207 Sandhausen 

1. If possible pick up a binary from bin/ and copy it to a 
   appropriate position -- that's all. At this time there is
   only one for Linux in ELF binary format. If you like, you
   can also use the manpage src/syngen.m and install it.

2. If you don't find a binary for your system, you can use 
   either the ready compiled bytecode program together with
   cslrun or compile syngen for your system:

       edit src/Makefile
       make native (for the native code version)
       make install

Caml Special Light

Caml Special Light (CSL) was an experimental ML implementation, written
at INRIA, France, by Xavier Leroy. It is now obsolete -- the 
new system is Objective Caml.

However, you should still get a version of CSL from INRIA. Look at

  host: ftp.inria.fr
  directory: lang/caml-light

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (141.6k).

syngen – A tool for generating syntax diagrams from BNF

A tool for generating syntax diagrams from BNF. The diagrams use the picture mode and can be included in any document.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerJens Klöcker
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