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Author: Ondrej Fafejta <fafejtao@gmail.com>
Website: https://github.com/fafejtao/pmxChords

Pmxchords extends the PMX preprocesor for musixtex to output chord
notations over the notes. The syntax for chord symbols is as inline
tex commands in the .pmx file. 
e.g. \ch.C.\ c44 e \ch.G7.\ d2 | \ch.C.\ c r /

PMX supports key transposition and the pmxchords.lua script is
used to transpose chord symbols accordingly (and then call pmxab as
usual to generate a .tex file). From version 0.3, the pmx2pdf script
in the PMX package supports a -c option to use pmxchords (and then
pmxab) as the preprocessor (rather than pmxab directly).

For installation and usage, see the pmxchords-install document.

pmxchords is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later.

This README was edited by Bob Tennent (rdt@cs.queensu.ca).


version 2.0.2: 2014-04-21
               fixed transposition problem:
               If song began in E-minor and signature is changed in half of song to A-minor
               transposition must be omitted.

version 2.0.1: 2013-12-13
                - pmxchords.lua now loads correctly the ChordsTr module to make it work on Windows systems.
                - pmxchords.lua does not remove the temporary file pmxaerr.dat
                  that is required by Bob Tennent's pmx2pdf script.

version 2.0.0: 2013-12-09 - rewrite code from perl to lua.

version 1.0:  2012-03-16 - first version written in perl scripting language

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (560.5k).

pmx­chords – Pro­duce chord in­for­ma­tion to go with pmx out­put

The bun­dle sup­ple­ments pmx, pro­vid­ing the means of type­set­ting chords above the notes of a score.

The bun­dle con­tains:

  • macros for typ­ing the chords;
  • a Lua script to trans­pose chord macros to the re­quired key sig­na­ture; and
  • sup­port scripts for com­mon re­quire­ments.

Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense, ver­sion 2
Main­tainerOndÅ™ej Fafe­jta
TDS archivepmxchords.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as pmx­chords
MiKTeX as pmx­chords
Topics type­set­ting mu­sic and re­lated stuff
pack­age re­quires avail­abil­ity of lua
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