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This is PMX, version 2.7.6 (2016-11-24). PMX provides a preprocessor for MusiXTeX.

pmxab builds a TeX input file based on a .pmx input file in a much
simpler language, making most of the layout decisions by itself. It has
most of MusiXTeX's functionality, but it also permits in-line TeX to
give access to virtually all of MusiXTeX. For proof-listening, pmxab will
make a MIDI file of your score.

scor2prt is an auxiliary program that makes parts from a score.

The author of pmxab and scor2prt is Don Simons (dsimons@roadrunner.com). 

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.9M).

pmx – Pre­pro­ces­sor for MusiX

PMX pro­vides a pre­pro­ces­sor for MusiX.

pmxab builds a in­put file based on a .pmx in­put file in a much sim­pler lan­guage, mak­ing most of the lay­out de­ci­sions by it­self. It has most of MusiX's func­tion­al­ity, but it also per­mits in-line to give ac­cess to vir­tu­ally all of MusiX. For proof-lis­ten­ing, pmxab will make a MIDI file of your score.

scor2prt is an aux­il­iary pro­gram that makes parts from a score.

Home pagehttp://ick­ing-mu­sic-archive.org/soft­ware/in­dexmt6.html
Ver­sion2.76 2016-11-24
Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense, ver­sion 2
Main­tainer Don Si­mons
Bob Ten­nent
TDS archivepmx.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as pmx
MiKTeX as pmx
Topics type­set­ting mu­sic and re­lated stuff
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