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lua_altgetopt is a MIT-licenced module for Lua programming language
for processing application's arguments the same way
BSD/GNU getopt_long(3) functions do.

Main features and goals:
1) compatibility to SUS "Utility Syntax Guidelines"
guidelines 3-13.
2) This module is for plain Lua
2) No extra dependencies
3) No hooks, no functional tricks ;-)
4) Support for long options, e.g. compatibility with getopt_long(3) C function
   present in *BSD and GNU libc.
5) Long options may optionally have one-char synonym or other long synonym
6) Strict error checking (checks for an incorrect use of options)
7) alt_getopt.lua is a Lua module.

In particular alt_getopt.lua supports the following
   -kVALUE, -k VALUE, --key=VALUE, --key VALUE,
   -abcd is equivalent to -a -b -c -d if neither of them accept value.
All options must be declared as accepting value or not.

Two ways of options handling are provided.
See alt_getopt application which is a part of regression tests.

It's probably useless for end users, you can copy alt_getopt.lua
to the destination yourself. Otherwise use BSD make,
NetBSD make is preferred because NetBSD is my development platform.

If 'make test' fails on your platform/Lua, please let me know.
If you find a a bug, register it here
or send me bugreport directly.

Author: Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

lua-alt-getopt – Process application arguments the same way as getopt_long

lua_altgetopt is a MIT-licensed module for Lua, for processing application arguments in the same way as BSD/GNU getopt_long(3) functions do.

This module is made available for lua script writers to have consistent command line parsing routines.

LicensesMIT License
Copyright2009 Aleksey Cheusov
MaintainerAleksey Cheusov
Khaled Hosny
Contained inTeX Live as lua-alt-getopt
MiKTeX as lua-alt-getopt
TopicsLua supp
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