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I. Installation

    I.1. System wide installation

    You need the root privileges to perform this installation

    Simply run 

      sudo make install

    This package follows the TDS[1] and installs:
        * the main program in $(prefix)
        * the TeX package chklref.sty in $(texmf_prefix)/tex/latex/chklref
        * the manual chklref.pdf in $(texmf_prefix)/doc/latex/chklref
        * the Perl parser chkparser in $(texmf_prefix)/scripts/chklref

    The following default values are used
        * prefix=/usr/local
        * texmf_prefix=$(prefix)/share/texmf

    These default values can be changed with the flags --prefix
    and --with-texmf-prefix passed to the configure script.

    Note: Do not forget to run "sudo texhash" to update your TeX Directory 

    Notes for installation under MacOS X:

    Under MacOS X, your tex distribution is probably not installed under
    /usr/share/texmf nor /usr/local/share/texmf. You are most likely using
    the TeXlive distribution provided by MacTeX which installs under
    /usr/local/texlive. Hence, you should invoke configure with


    I.2. Installation on a single account

    This installation does not require any particular privileges.

    We assume that the directory $HOME/bin is in your PATH, if not you have to
    add it your PATH. You can install the software on your account using

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME --with-texmf-prefix=$HOME/texmf
        make install

    Note: For the installation on a single account, there is no need to run

    Notes for installation under MacOS X:

    The directory $HOME/texmf may not exist because it is replaced by
    $HOME/Library/texmf instead. So, either use

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME --with-texmf-prefix=$HOME/Library/texmf

    or create a symbolic link

        ln -s $HOME/Library/texmf $HOME/texmf

2. Execution

  Just run: chklref texfile

  To run ckhlref, you need a Perl interpreter. As no special Perl
  packages are needed, a very basic Perl distribution should be ok.

[1] : TeX Directory Structure http://www.tug.org/twg/tds/

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (65.5k).

chklref – Check for problems with labels in

It is quite common that after modifying a file, many unused labels remain in it. The purpose of chklref is to automatically find these useless labels. It also looks for “non starred” mathematical environments with no labels and advises the user to use a starred version instead.

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