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Written by Jerome Lelong <jerome.lelong@gmail.com> and distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv3.


System wide installation

Installation into the structure

This package follows the TDS1

  • put the package chklref.sty into $(texmf_prefix)/tex/latex/chklref
  • put the documentation doc/chklref.pdf into $(texmf_prefix)/doc/latex/chklref
  • put the man page doc/chklref.1 into $(texmf_prefix)/doc/man/man1
  • put the Perl parser chklref.pl into $(texmf_prefix)/scripts/chklref

Note that you will also need to make a link or copy chklref.pl to a location in your PATH. On Unix systems, you may need to set the script as executable.

Depending on your OS and distribution, the TEXMF directory texmf_prefix can have different values

  • Single account installation under Linux ~/texmf.
  • Single account installation under Mac OS X ~/texmf or $HOME/Library/texmf.
  • System wide installation under Linux /usr/share/texmf-local/.
  • System wide installation under Mac OS X /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/.
  • Under Windows something like C:\localtexmf\. Check in your distribution settings.

You may need to run texhash to update your Directory Structure.

The fastest way to carry out the installation is to use the file chklref.tds.zip included in the numbered releases (not available inside the git repository). You just have to unzip it inside the proper texmf_prefix. Alternatively, you can copy the files by hand. On Unix systems, you may need to set the script as executable.

Local installation

Instead of carrying out a system wide installation, you can simply copy the package file chklref.sty next to your main file and put the Perl script chklref.pl next to it or in anywhere in your PATH. On Unix systems, you may need to set the script as executable.


The chklref tool is mainly written in with a small Perl script to parse the output generated by the package. It should be working with any standard Perl installation.

The Perl script calls a compiler to extract labels related information.


You typically just run: perl chklref.pl file.tex

The full calling syntax is perl chklref.pl [options] file.tex, where options can be

  • --tex <compiler>, -t: Specify the compiler to be used. Default is pdflatex.
  • --tex-options: List of options to pass to the compiler. It should be a quoted string of white space delimited options. Note that we always add -interaction nonstopmode on top of these options.
  • --debug, -d: Run in debug mode. Do not clean the generated .chk file.
  • --quiet, -q: Run in quiet mode. Do not print the output of the compiler.
  • --parse-only: Do not run the compiler but use the already existing .chk file. When this option is passed, the following other options are meaningless: --tex, --tex-options, --quiet, --debug.
  • --version, -v: Print the version of this script.
  • --help,h: Print this help.

Alternatively, you can directly add \usepackage{chklref} to your main file and compile it normally. This will create a file with extension .chk, which can then be parsed by the Perl script:

perl chklref.pl --parse-only file.tex

Note that you need to pass the verb!.tex! file to the parser not the .chk file.


Report bugs to https://github.com/jlelong/chklref.

chklref is known not to work with cleveref. If you would like to contribute to chklref, feel free to open a PR on https://github.com/jlelong/chklref.

Directory Structure http://www.tug.org/twg/tds/

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (302.8k).

chklref – Check for problems with labels in

It is quite common that after modifying a file, many unused labels remain in it. The purpose of chklref is to automatically find these useless labels. It also looks for “non starred” mathematical environments with no labels and advises the user to use a starred version instead.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/jlelong/chklref/issues
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3
Copyright2005–2019 Jérôme Lelong
MaintainerJérôme Lelong
TDS archivechklref.tds.zip
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