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Ba­bel 3.29

This pack­age man­ages cul­tur­ally-de­ter­mined ty­po­graph­i­cal (and other) rules, and hy­phen­ation pat­terns for a wide range of lan­guages. Many lan­guage styles work with pdfla­tex, as well as with xe­la­tex and lu­ala­tex out of the box. A few even work with plain for­mats.

The lat­est sta­ble ver­sion is avail­able on https://ctan.org/pkg/ba­bel.

Lan­guages are not part of the Ba­bel core any more; in par­tic­u­lar, it shall be no longer nec­es­sary to syn­chro­nize Ba­bel core re­leases with re­leases of Ba­bel lan­guage files. See CONTRIB for fur­ther de­tails about con­tribut­ing a lan­guage. You may also cre­ate an ini file or im­prove the ex­ist­ing ones – it's a triv­ial task (no pro­gram­ming skills re­quired at all), but don't hes­i­tate to ask for help.

In­cluded is a set of ini files for about 200 lan­guages.

The best way to in­stall and/or up­date it is with the help of pack­age man­agers.

Changes are de­scribed in ba­bel.pdf with the la­bel "New <ver­sion>". The man­ual has been ex­panded to in­clude some tips and tricks, but it will be im­proved in next re­leases.

Re­port­ing Bugs

If you wish to re­port a prob­lem or bug in any of these pack­ages please use the Is­sue Tracker for on GitHub and fol­low the guide­lines that pop up if you press the New issue but­ton.

In par­tic­u­lar, to check that you are re­ally see­ing a bug, please write a short, self-con­tained doc­u­ment that shows the prob­lem. This should in­clude the latexbug pack­age, which will warn if your test file is not suit­able for one or the other rea­son. See the CONTRIBUTING guide for fur­ther de­tails, or if you need to ob­tain the latexbug pack­age.

If the bug turns out to be with third-party soft­ware then please con­tact the de­vel­oper, and not us!

You may also re­port them to the au­thor more in­for­mally on:


Bugs re­lated to spe­cific lan­guages are best re­ported to their re­spec­tive au­thors.

Lat­est changes

3.29   - The fix for boxes inside math is incompatible with ams.
         Removed (a better fix is under study).
       - Options bidi-l and bidi-r (for the bidi package).
3.28   - Fixes - wrong dir after math, in math inside tabular, in weak L
         inside R inside L, and in boxes inside math.
       - \babelfont now takes into account \defaultfontfeatures. This
         is a potential source of backwards incompatibilities, but
         very likely the risks are very low, and it is, I think, the
         expected behavior.
3.27   - Preliminary support for bidi (by Vafa Khalighi) with xetex.
       - Fix for 3.23 - \ensureascii was redefined even when not 
       - Minor improvements in babel-vi.ini.
3.26   - Fix for 3.25 - \babelprovide raised an error with xetex. 
3.25   - Fixes for 3.23 - mapfont=direction could raise an error.
         Language and Script were not always defined correctly.
       - Improved tentative support for Thai, Lao and Khmer in both 
         luatex and xetex.
3.24   - Prelimimary support for Thai interword spacing with luatex.
3.23   - After extensive tests and fixing some issues, bidi=basic is 
         not experimental any longer.
       - import in \babelprovide does not require a language code if
         the language name is a recognized one.
       - New macro: \ifbabelshorthand.
       - TS1, T3 and TS3 have been added to the non-ascii list, to 
         avoid problems in case no ASCII-savvy encoding is requested.
       - Define Language and Script if fontspec does not known them (eg, 
         the Japanese script).
       - Set the \thepage bidi bahavior in foots/heads.
       - Fix - Undefined \bbl@stripslash in Plain.
3.22   - Fix - Error with \chapter if empty in ini
       - Prelimimary support for Sanskrit
       - Unknown languages in aux files do not raise an error
         any more (only show a warning).
3.21   - Fix - equation numbers raised an error.
       - Two minor changes: if no language is requested load nil 
         instead of raising an error, and the message 'babel <x.x>...'
         is not printed to the log any more.
3.20   - ini files with the field digits.native define
         \<language>digits and \<language>counters. \arabic can be
         redefined to use native digits.
       - Fix - mapfont in bidi=basic didn't take into account combining
         marks (eg, Arabic vowels).
       - Fix - A bug introduced in 3.19, which sometimes reversed text 
         in \hbox'es.
       - Fix for luatex 1.07 - An internal change in luatex broke
         bidi at 'automatic' hyphens.
       - Fix for latest latex - babel.ins raised an error.
3.19   - Most changes are for luatex:
         . The main new feature is a bidi method for both implicit L in
           R text, and implicit R in L text, with the possibility of
           switching the font automatically. Still somewhat
           experimental, but it should work in most cases.
         . layout=extras for a couple of miscellaneous readjustments.
         . bidi equation numbers.
       - Also, for all engines, new field in some ini files:
         digits.native (to be used in future releases).
3.18   - More bidi in luatex: captions (required only in multilingual
         docs) and tabular (required for R tables). Also an experimental
         support for captions in xetex and pdftex (tabular is not yet
       - New ini files: ar-DZ, ar-MA, ar-SY
       - Fix - \begin{hyphenrules} didn't work with polyglossia.
       - Fix - switch.def was loaded twice.
3.17   - A tool for bidi footnotes.
       - Fix - \ragged... didn't work for bidi.
3.16   - New package option layout for bidi documents.
       - Quotes in TU encoding
       - Fix - \<language>date did not work correctly
       - Fix - with some languages (eg, british), using
         \babelfont raised an error.

Javier Be­zos 2019/04/03

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.5M).

ba­bel – Mul­tilin­gual sup­port for Plain or

This pack­age man­ages cul­tur­ally-de­ter­mined ty­po­graph­i­cal (and other) rules for a wide range of lan­guages. A doc­u­ment may se­lect a sin­gle lan­guage to be sup­ported, or it may se­lect sev­eral, in which case the doc­u­ment may switch from one lan­guage to an­other in a va­ri­ety of ways.

Ba­bel uses con­tributed con­fig­u­ra­tion files that pro­vide the de­tail of what has to be done for each lan­guage. In­cluded is also a set of ini files for about 200 lan­guages.

Many lan­guage styles work with pdf, as well as with XeLaTeX and Lua, out of the box. A few even work with plain for­mats.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/la­tex3/ba­bel/is­sues
Ver­sion3.29 2019-04-03
Li­censesThe Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right1989–2012 Jo­hannes Braams et al.
2012–2019 Javier Be­zos and Jo­hannes L. Braams
Main­tainerJavier Be­zos L√≥pez
Jo­hannes L. Braams (in­ac­tive)
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