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Babel 3.15

This package manages culturally-determined typographical (and other)
rules, and hyphenation patterns for a wide range of languages.  Many
language styles work with pdflatex, as well as with xelatex and
lualatex out of the box.  A few even work with plain formats.

Version 3.9a fixed lots of bugs and added some new features, intended
mainly to make it compatible somehow with Unicode engines. Some bugs
have not been fixed to avoid backward incompatibilities, but they have
been documented. Most of the new features (like package options) were
intended to overcome issues in previous releases without changing
significantly the behaviour of Babel.

Current development is focused on Unicode engines (XeTeX and LuaTeX).
New features related to font selection, bidi writing and the like will
be added incrementally. Versions numbers drop the letter and now 3.10,
3.11, etc., will be used instead. So, 3.9t is the last in the former

Included is a set of ini files for about 200 languages). 

Languages are not part of the Babel core any more; in particular, it
shall be no longer necessary to synchronize Babel core releases with
releases of Babel language files. See CONTRIB for further details
about contributing a language. You may also create an ini file or
improve the existing ones -- it's a trivial task (no programming
skills required at all), but don't hesitate to ask for help.

The best way to install and/or update it is with the help of package

Changes are described in babel.pdf with the label "New <version>". The
manual has been expanded to include some tips and tricks, but it will
be improved in next releases.

Please, report bugs and suggestions to:


You may also report them to the author more informally on:


Bugs related to specific languages are best reported to their
respective authors.

Recent changes

3.15  - New command \babelfont (in Unicode engines) to define
        language/script dependent fonts. Related to it, new
        keys (script, language) in \babelprovide.
      - A common mistake is to leave some space(s) in \captions<lang>,
        which go to the document. Now babel removes them.
      - Fix - Error with hyphenrules in \babelprovide in some cases.
      - Fix - \hyphenrules doesn't set \languagename any more (which
        was against the documented behavior),
3.14  - R text (Hebrew-like) and AL text (Arabic-like) in luatex, with
        "European" and "Arabic" numbers, mirroring and unmarked L text.
      - Fix - `import' ignored `hyphenrules' in ini files.

3.13  - Existing ldf files takes priority over declared options with
        \DeclareOption (except hebrew).
      - With a few exceptions, ini files have reached version 1.0.
      - New key `import' for \babelprovide, which also defines dates. 

[3.12 - No real changes in the babel core. Just a few technical changes
        related to the files.]

3.11  - Fix - error when version in format and of package
        didn't match.
      - Now switch.def is loaded always.
      - First steps in bidi writing.

3.10  - New versioning
      - New macro - \babelprovide

3.9t  - Part of the code for 3.10 ss has been "back-ported" to this
        release, but they are only internal changes.
      - Fix - with \babelhyphen{soft} the hyphen could vanish.
      - English, Indonesian and Malay "dialects" now rely on the proxy
        files provided by these languages (eg, american.ldf, melayu.ldf).
	If you upgrade babel, you MUST upgrade those languages, too.
3.9s  - Bug fix - extra spaces with \babelensure

3.9r  - The three main dtx files now share version numbers.
      - bbunicode - Fixed a line break at \cs{foreignlanguage} with
        unloaded patterns. Also added \babelcatcodetablenum, just in
3.9q  - base now reads patterns in lua
      - Some minor changes for luatex

*** Babel 3.9o and 3.9p are deprecated ***

Javier Bezos

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.4M).

ba­bel – Mul­tilin­gual sup­port for Plain or

The pack­age man­ages cul­tur­ally-de­ter­mined ty­po­graph­i­cal (and other) rules, and hy­phen­ation pat­terns for a wide range of lan­guages. A doc­u­ment may se­lect a sin­gle lan­guage to be sup­ported, or it may se­lect sev­eral, in which case the doc­u­ment may switch from one lan­guage to an­other in a va­ri­ety of ways.

Ba­bel uses con­tributed con­fig­u­ra­tion files that pro­vide the de­tail of what has to be done for each lan­guage.

Users of are ad­vised to use poly­glos­sia rather than Ba­bel.

Ver­sion3.15 2017-11-03
Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainer Javier Be­zos L√≥pez
Jo­hannes L. Braams (in­ac­tive)
TDS archivebabel-base.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as ba­bel
MiKTeX as ba­bel
Topics sup­port for more than one (nat­u­ral) lan­guage
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