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The 'ydoc' class and packages

'ydoc' provides macros and environments to document LaTeX packages and classes.
It is an alternative to the 'ltxdoc' class and 'doc' package.
It targets a different layout and tries to provide more modern styles (xcolor, hyperref, etc.).

This is an alpha release. It should not be used yet for other packages.


This package might be part of your LaTeX distribution (TeX Live, MikTeX, ...) and then is installable using
the distributions package manager (TeX Live: 'tlmgr install ydoc').
However, it is also manually installable using the following ways:

A TDS ZIP file includes all files in a installable format and using the required directory structure.
Simply unzip the TDS ZIP file over your TEXMF tree.

The TDS ZIP file can be downloaded from CTAN:

The 'ydoc.dtx' file includes all required files, which can be extracted by compiling it using TeX (not LaTeX):

    tex ydoc.dtx

To build the documentation compile the same file using LaTeX (preferable 'pdflatex') multiple times:

    pdflatex ydoc.dtx
    pdflatex ydoc.dtx
    pdflatex ydoc.dtx

Copy all files to their correct location of your local TEXMF tree.
For example under Linux a personal TEXMF is normally located at '~/texmf' ('$HOME/texmf').
The files can be installed using the following Linux commands. For 

    mkdir -p "${TEXMF}/tex/latex/ydoc/"
    mkdir -p "${TEXMF}/source/latex/ydoc/"
    mkdir -p "${TEXMF}/doc/latex/ydoc/"
    mkdir -p "${TEXMF}/tex/generic/ydoc/"
    cp ydoc.sty ydoc.cls ydoc-code.sty ydoc-desc.sty ydoc-doc.sty ydoc-expl.sty ydoc.cfg "${TEXMF}/tex/latex/ydoc"
    cp ydoc.dtx ydoc.ins "${TEXMF}/source/latex/ydoc"
    cp ydoc.pdf README "${TEXMF}/doc/latex/ydoc"
    cp ydocincl.tex ydocstrip.tex "${TEXMF}/tex/generic/ydoc"

Update the tree database file (might be not required for modern versions and personal TEXMF trees):

    texhash ${TEXMF}

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (330.3k).

ydoc – Macros for doc­u­men­ta­tion of classes and pack­ages

The pack­age pro­vides macros and en­vi­ron­ments to doc­u­ment pack­ages and classes. It is an (as yet un­fin­ished) al­ter­na­tive to the ltx­doc class and the doc or xdoc pack­ages. The aim is to pro­vide a dif­fer­ent lay­out and more mod­ern styles (us­ing the xcolor, hy­per­ref pack­ages, etc.)

This is an al­pha re­lease, and should prob­a­bly not (yet) be used with other pack­ages, since the im­ple­men­ta­tion might change. Nev­er­the­less, the au­thor uses it to doc­u­ment his own pack­ages.

Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2010 Martin Schar­rer
Main­tainer Martin Schar­rer
TDS archiveydoc.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as ydoc
MiKTeX as ydoc
Topics macros and tools for prepar­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion
al­ter­na­tive class(es)
See also gmdoc
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