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Universidad Nacional Aut\'{o}noma de M\'{e}xico (UNAM) Thesis style for LaTeX
by Julio A. Freyre-Gonz\'{a}lez (Current Maintainer)
v2.1 (14/feb/2017)

This style provides a customizable format to typeset theses according to the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico guidelines. This is provided with support to be also used in Scientific Workplace (SWP) 3.x.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See License file and the latest version of this license in
for more details.

Files description
  UNAMThesis.sty -> LaTeX style package
  UNAMThesis.bst -> Bibliographic style
  Escudo-UNAM.eps -> UNAM Logo line art (vector graphic) used by latex/dvips
  Escudo-UNAM.pdf -> UNAM Logo line art (vector graphic) used by PdfLaTeX
  Escudo-IBT.eps -> IBT Logo line art (vector graphic) used by latex/dvips
  Escudo-IBT.pdf -> IBT Logo line art (vector graphic) used by pdfLaTeX
  UNAMThesis.tex -> Sample standard TeX file
  UNAMThesis.pdf -> Sample standard TeX file rendered
  testBib.bib -> Sample bibliography
For SWP 3.x:
  UNAMThesis.cst -> Style file for SWP 3.x
  Thesis - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.shl -> Shell file for SWP 3.x
  UNAMThesisSWP.tex -> Sample TeX file for SWP

Package usage
Escudo-UNAM and Escudo-IBT must reside in your main document directory if you want to use this logos. The style looks for these files to draw the logos on the cover page. You may customize the logos using the \logounam{path_file} and \logoinstitute{path_file} commands in the preamble to define the files location and name. Take into account you need to use image formats according the program you are using to compile your tex file, see http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/1072/which-graphics-formats-can-be-included-in-documents-processed-by-latex-or-pdflat and https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Importing_Graphics.

The \university{university name} command allows you to customize the university name, which defaults to 'Universidad Nacional Aut\'{o}noma de M\'{e}xico'.

In addition, \institute{institute name}, \rcenter{research center name}, \faculty{faculty name}, or \school{school name} commands allow to set the institution name that will grant the degree. The rationale for using different commands is to autoselect the correct gender for the definite article (see the second page in UNAMThesis.pdf). However, these are optional commands, in case you omit the institution name, the gender of the definite article in the title page is set by default to female ('la') to match with the gender of the word 'universidad'. You may customize it by using \@instituteartm to set to male gender the definite article ('el') or \@instituteartf to set it to female ('la'). The \department{department or program name} is optional.

The \academictitle optional command enables to switch from 'grado' to 'título' for undergraduate programs requiring it.

The style implements environments for dedication, acknowledgements, foreword, resumen and abstract. Besides, there are command versions for all these environments (except abstract because it is already implemented in SWP) named: \makededication{...}, \makeacknowledgements{...}, \makeforeword{...} and \makeresumen{...}. These command versions are useful to interface with SWP due to some bizarre restrictions in the software; so, if you are using standard LaTeX (without SWP) please use the enviroments.

In addition, this style implements an environment (quotenat) for opening quotes (quotations commonly used at the beginning of a chapter).

The UNAMThesis bibliographic style enables the use of author-year schemes using the natbib package. Citation to e-print archives (e.g. arXiv) is possible using the eprint BibTeX field.

Installation for SWP
In order to use the UNAM Thesis style with SWP 3.x you must to install the following files as indicated:
0) For this directions, it is assumed that SWP is installed in "C:\swp35\". If it is not true, user may modify this directions replacing "C:\swp35\" by the instalation path for SWP.
1) Copy "Thesis - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.shl" to "C:\swp35\Shells\Other Documents\SW"
2) Copy "UNAMThesis.cst" to "C:\swp35\Styles\[Special]"
3) Copy "UNAMThesis.sty" to "C:\swp35\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib"
4) If you want to use the UNAM Thesis BibTeX bibliographic style:
4.1) Copy "UNAMThesis.bst" to "C:\swp35\TCITeX\bibtex\bst"
4.2) Copy your BibTeX database to "C:\swp35\TCITeX\bibtex\bib"


Please send your error and bug reports or suggestions for new features to the emails below.

Julio A. Freyre-Gonzalez, PhD
Professor in Systems Biology
Head of the Regulatory Systems Biology Group
Center for Genomic Sciences, UNAM
Av. Universidad S/N, Col. Chamilpa, 62210
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (806.8k).

unamthesis – Style for Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico theses

The package provides a customisable format to typeset Theses according to the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico guidelines. Support for use in Scientific Workplace (SWP) 3.x is also provided. The bundle also includes an appropriate bibliographic style which enables the use of author-year schemes using the natbib package.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
MaintainerJulio A. Freyre-Gonzalez
Contained inTeX Live as unamthesis
MiKTeX as unamthesis
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