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This README file accompanies the teubner bundle version 5.8.x dated 
August 2023 or later.

Copyright 2010-2023 Claudio Beccari

The  bundle contains the files

README                  this file
teubner.txt             a more descriptive file
teubner.dtx             the self extracting documented TeX source file
teubner-doc.tex         an extended documentation file
teubner.pdf             general and technical documentation
teubner-doc.pdf         specific documentation with examples

The bundle is distributed under the LPPL license version 1.3c or any later 

The bundle has the status of author maintained.

The main purpose of this bundle is to provide Hellenists and classical 
philologists with some means for typesetting their documents that usually 
contain very specific mark up.
This version allows the typesetter to use both Greek "italic" shapes: the 
Olga-like and the Lipsian-like ones; it complies with the LICR (LaTeX 
Internal Character Representation) of the Greek glyphs that avoid the 
kerning problems that arise with the ligature mechanism embedded in the 
LGR encoded default CBfonts; it is compatible with the use of different 
vector Latin Type 1 fonts; contains new designs for the horizontally 
stretchable markers, et cetera.

Running pdflatex on the .dtx file produces both the documentation and  
extracts the byproduct files teubner.sty, teubnertx.sty, teubner.pdf.  
The readable extended documentation file teubner-doc.pdf is obtained by 
running pdflatex on the teubner-doc.tex file.

Moreover this teubner package generates on the fly the font description 
files necessary to use the LGR encoded Greek fonts with some non standard 
TeX PostScript fonts; for example, it automatically generates the necessary 
files if using the TX or the PX fonts; with other Type 1 fonts the 
necessary .fd files require manual intervention, which simply means giving 
a suitable command from within another open file that loads teubner.

Please, be sure to work with an updated collection of the CBfonts; 
with a *2020* updated version of the TeX system; with a babel version 
3.9g or later; with the language description file greek.ldf version 1.9b 
or later; teubner version 5.2 and later patches the modifications of 
greek.ldf 1.10 so as cope with the ancient Greek numbering system. The 
teubner package works also with previous versions of the above pieces of 
software, but with limited performances.

Versions 5.8.2 and later patch some changes that 
were introduced in recent versions
of the babel-greek language description file. 
Version 5.8.3 should work shamelessly with both 
formats of the ISO date.

Claudio Beccari
claudio dot beccari at gmail dot com

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.1M).

teubner – Philological typesetting of classical Greek

An extension to babel greek option for typesetting classical Greek with a philological approach. The package works with the author’s greek fonts using the ‘Lispiakos’ font shape derived from that of the fonts used in printers’ shops in Lispia.

The package name honours the publisher B.G. Teubner Verlaggesellschaft whose Greek text publications are of high quality.

Version5.8.3 2023-08-25
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2001–2023 Claudio Beccari
MaintainerClaudio Beccari
Contained inTeX Live as teubner
MiKTeX as teubner
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