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Institutions require a cover page and an affirmation at the end of the thesis. This package provides both. It stems from the computer science institutes of the University of Stuttgart, but is open to any university.

In case you are looking for a full thesis template including a cover page and affirmation, please go to https://latextemplates.github.io/scientific-thesis-template/. Please report issues concerning this package at the GitHub repository at https://github.com/latextemplates/scientific-thesis-cover.


  • utf8
  • options for all required text on the coverpage


Usually, one does not need a seperate installation step, because both MiK and texlive come with a recent version of this template. Do not forget to keep your tex distribution updated.

Alternatively, you can download scientific-thesis-cover.sty and put it in the folder where you are going to use it.

Usage Example

An example can be found in demo.tex.


Just include the package with all options specified:

    title={Super relevant evaluation of new blackhole-generation method},
    author={Max Musterjunge},
    examiner={Prof.\ Dr.\ Hans Mustermann},
    supervisor={Otto Normalverbraucher, M.Sc.},

Afterwards you can create the cover using \Coverpage and get the affirmation text by using \Affirmation

Supported Options

This package supports the following options:

  • language: Language used for all labels and text.
    • language=german will use german (default)
      • language=english will use english
  • title: Title of work. Should be placed in curly braces:
- `title={My thesis title}`
- `title={My very long thesis title}`
  • author: Author of work. Should be placed in curly braces. May contain more than one author seperated by commas:
    • author={Peter Lustig}
      • author={Peter Lustig, Franz Josef, Vladimir Sixth}
  • type: Type of work. May be set to one of the following values or arbitrary text in curly braces:
    • type=bachelor will label your work as Bachelor's Thesis. Currently, the term regulations of the University of Stuttgart are in place. It is assumed that you study a German Bachelor program. Thus, even if you write in English, the type of your thesis is a "Bachelorarbeit". In case you study in a different program (such as INFOTECH), please fill in the appropriate type of your thesis in curly brackets. See below.
      • type=master will label your work as Masters's Thesis
      • type=diplom will label your work as Diploma Thesis
      • type=study will label your work as Student Research Project
      • type=projectinf will label your work as Projekt-INF
      • Arbitrary strings are also possible: type={research project} will label your work as "research project"
  • institute: States for which institute you are doing this work. May be set to one of the following values or arbitrary text in curly braces:
    • institute=iaas will state Institute of Architecture of Application Systems
      • institute=ipvs will state Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems
      • institute=fmi will state Institute of Formal Methods in Computer Science
      • institute=iste will state Institute of Software Technology
      • institute=iti will state Institute of Computer Architecture and Computer Engineering
      • institute=iris will state Institute of Computer-aided Product Development Systems
      • institute=vis will state Institute of Visualization and Interactive Systems
      • institute=visus will state Visualisation Research Center Stuttgart
      • institute=sec will state Institute of Information Security
      • institute=fac will state Faculty of Computer Science
      • Arbitrary strings are possible: institute={Custom fictional institute} will state Custom fictional institute
  • course: Type of study. May be set to one of the following values or arbitrary text in curly braces:
    • course=cs will state that your course of study is Computer Science
      • course=se will state that your course of study is Software Engineering
      • course=mcl will state that your course of study is Master Computational Linguistics
      • course=msv will state that your course of study is Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung
      • course=bis will state that your course of study is Business Information Systems
      • course=simtech will state that your course of study is Simulation Technology
      • Arbitrary strings are possible: course={New Study course} will state that your course of study is New Study course
  • examiner: Your examiner.
    • examiner={Prof.\ Dr.\ Hans Mustermann}
  • supervisor: Your supervisor.
    • supervisor={Otto Normalverbraucher, M.Sc.}
  • enddate: Enddate of your work.
    • enddate={2012-12-01}
  • crk: CR-Classification codes of your work. May be separated by commas:
    • crk={A.1, A.2}

Additional Optional Options

  • number: Running number of work. May contain arbitrary text. Should contain the number you got for your work.
    • number=1234 will label your work to have number 1234
  • setPageNumberToOne=true will set the page after the cover to 1 (default false)
  • setCoverPageNumberToMinusOne=true will set -1 as the page number for the cover page (default false)

Known Problems

Multiline/Commands in option values are currently only supported if you load kvoptions-patch before the documentclass definition like this:


How to release

  1. Check if indent is correct: latexindent -y="indentPreamble:1,defaultIndent:' '" -m -w scientific-thesis-cover.sty
  2. Adapt CHANGELOG.md
  3. Adapt version and date in scientific-thesis-cover.sty
  4. Tag the release commit using git tag
  5. Push to GitHub
  6. Add CHANGELOG part to GitHub release manually, because github-release-from-changelog currently works with package.json only.
  7. Publish to CTAN

- Pre-conditions:

  • Windows: Patch C:\MiKTeX\scripts\ctanify\ctanify: Remove -y from zip command line arguments zip -q -r -9 -y -m.
    • Windows: Environment variable TMP must not contain backslashes. E.g., C:/TEMP/WIN is good, C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp is bad.
      • Have pandoc and sed in the path.
    • Run release.bat.
    • Go to https://ctan.org/pkg/scientific-thesis-cover, choose "Upload"
    • Use scientific-thesis-cover.tar.gz as archive.
7. Adapt CHANGELOG.md to contain ## [unreleased] again.


This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the Project Public License, version 1.3c of the license. The latest version of this license is in http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt and version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of version 2005/12/01 or later.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status "maintained".

The Current Maintainer and author of this work is Oliver Kopp.

This work consists of the files scientific-thesis-cover.sty, demo.tex, and README.md. In case files are not listed here, but available at https://github.com/latextemplates/scientific-thesis-cover, these additional files also form part of this work.

Contributors (incomplete list)

Bernd Raichle, Timo Heiber, Steffen Keul, Oliver Kopp, Kai Mindermann, Matthias Papesch, Nils Radtke, Niklas Schnelle

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (196.1k).

scientific-thesis-cover – Provides cover page and affirmation at the end of a thesis

Institutions require a cover page and an affirmation at the end of a thesis. This package provides both.

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