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relsize.sty       4.1       Mar 29, 2013

Setting the font size relative to the current size

Authored by Donald Arseneau <asnd@triumf.ca> and Matt Swift <swift@bu.edu>.
(Inspired by smaller.sty author Bernie Cosell)

This software is contributed to the public domain by its authors, who disclaim
all copyrights. For people and jurisdictions that do not recognize contribution
to the public domain, this software is licensed by the terms of the unlicense, 

commands are:
\relsize{n}  where n gives the number of steps ("mag-step" = factor of 1.2)
             to change the size by;  n = 3 changes from \normalsize to 
             \LARGE size.  Negative n selects smaller fonts. n is an
             integer (or half-integer).

\smaller = \relsize{-1},  \smaller[n] = \relsize{-n}
\larger  = \relsize{1},   \larger[n]  = \relsize{n}

\textsmaller{text}, \textlarger{text} - versions that take an argument

\relscale{f}   like \relsize, but instead of scale-steps,
               the parameter is a scale factor, such as .75

The font-size command nearest the requested size will be used, and if
the size error is more than \RSpercentTolerance, then the size will
be adjusted more precisely using \fontsize.  (The default empty 
\RSpercentTolerance signals automatic handling, choosing the tolerance 
based on the font declarations.)

\mathsmaller{A}, \mathlarger{B}       - math versions 
  (The math versions are entirely different from the text versions.)

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (305.7k).

relsize – Set the font size relative to the current font size

The basic command of the package is \relsize, whose argument is a number of \magsteps to change size; from this are defined commands \larger, \smaller, \textlarger, etc.

LicensesPublic Domain Software
MaintainerDonald Arseneau
Matt Swift (inactive)
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