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This package provides a convenient way to specify notes and to define certain meta properties of the presentation when used with PDF Presenter Console (pdfpc), a GPLv3+ licensed multi-monitor PDF presentation viewer application available on GitHub.


The pdfpc package depends on these other packages: kvoptions, xstring, iftex, hyperxmp

When using Lua, it additionally depends on these packages: stringenc, pdftexcmds


The PDF Presenter Console program accepts a variety of configuration options when started from the command line. (See the pdfpc(1) manual page for details.)

This package allows certain details, such as presentation duration, default slide transitions, and speaker notes, to be specified within the metadata of the PDF itself, instead of via the command line. These settings are parsed by the PDF Presenter Console when the presentation is loaded.

These parameters can be specified as package options, or via the \pdfpcsetup command.

The following is a simple document demonstrating a few example features:

% "overridenote" must be specified as a package option
    % Other settings can be package options, or can go here

% The usual Beamer document setup
\title{\texttt{pdfpc} Example Presentation}
\author{\texttt{pdfpc} Contributors}


    Hello PDFPC World!
    % Because of "overridenote", this uses the pdfpc note command
    \note{This speaker note will be shown by `pdfpc`, but hidden for the audience.}
    Notice that the timer starts counting down from 5 minutes, just as we specified in the preamble!



Complete documentation for the current version of pdfpc is availble on its CTAN page.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (203.9k).

pdfpc – Define data for the pdfpc presentation viewer

This packages allows to define additional meta data within the PDF file which can be interpreted by the PDF presenter console (pdfpc) program.

pdfpc depends on kvoptions, xstring, iftex, and hyperxmp.

Home pagehttps://pdfpc.github.io/
Version0.7.1 2023-10-21
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3 or newer
Copyright2020–2023 Evgeny Stambulchik
MaintainerEvgeny Stambulchik
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