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mflogo --- LaTeX support for Metafont and MetaPost logos.

Copyright (C) 1994-99 Ulrik Vieth

This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License
as described in lppl.txt in the base LaTeX distribution; either
version 1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


This directory contains the documented sources of the `mflogo'
package for LaTeX(2e) and the corresponding font definition files
that provide access to the METAFONT and METAPOST `logo' fonts.

The `mflogo' package defines the font commands |\logofamily| and
|\textlogo| to access the `logo' fonts directly.  It also defines
the macros |\MF| and |\MP| for the METAFONT and METAPOST logos in
terms of these font commands, which ensures that the logos will
follow font changes just as the |\TeX| logo does and always did.

To use this package, you'll need the complete and up-to-date set
of `logo' fonts, located in the directory CTAN:fonts/mflogo.

To facilitate the installation, the directory containing the
`logo' fonts is made available through a symbolic link `fonts',
so that the contents of CTAN:fonts/mflogo is automatically
included as a subdirectory if you download this directory as a
`.zip' or `.tar.gz' archive.


The `mflogo' package was developed in early 1994 when LaTeX2e was
still in a beta-test phase.  The first public release of `mflogo'
(v1.2 in May 1994) predated the release of the first production
version of LaTeX as of 1994/06/01.

The second release of `mflogo' (v1.5 in September 1995) cleaned up
some internals and fixed the space factor after the logos, just as
it is done for the |\TeX| and |\LaTeX| logos in the LaTeX kernel.

The present release of `mflogo' (v2.0 in March 1999) clarifies the
distribution conditions, adopting the LaTeX Project Public License.


The `mflogo' distribution consists of the following files:

  README        - this file, i.e. the file you are reading
  Makefile      - Makefile to install the LaTeX package
  mflogo.ins    - LaTeX installation script
  mflogo.dtx    - documented source of the LaTeX package

Subdirectory `fonts':

  README        - some notes on the `logo' fonts
  Makefile      - Makefile to install the `logo' fonts

Subdirectory `fonts/source':

  logo.mf       - Metafont program to draw the logo charaters
  logo*.mf      - Metafont drivers for various sizes and shapes

Subdirectory `fonts/tfm':

  logo*.tfm     - TeX font metrics for various sizes and shapes


(1) Before installing the `mflogo' LaTeX package and processing
the documentation, you should first make sure that you have a
complete and up-to-date set of the `logo' fonts.  If you're
lucky, the `logo' fonts may have already been provided as part 
of your TeX distribution.  Otherwise, proceed by changing to the
`fonts' subdirectory and installing the fonts from there.

if you have a TDS-compatible TeX installation, you may try to use
the enclosed `Makefile' in the `fonts' subdirectory by calling

  cd fonts ; make install TEXMF=/wherever/texmf

For manual installation of the font sources and font metric files,
please consult the file `fonts/README'.

(2) After the required fonts have been installed, return to this
distribution directory.  To unpack the `mflogo' LaTeX package
and to typeset the documentation, proceed as follows:

If you have a TDS-compatible TeX installation, you may try to use
the enclosed `Makefile' by calling

  make TEXMF=/wherever/texmf
  make install TEXMF=/wherever/texmf

For manual installation, run

  latex mflogo.ins

to unpack the package file `mflogo.sty' and the corresponding
font definition files `ulogo.fd' from the source file `mflogo.dtx'.

To typeset the documentation, run

  (pdf)latex mflogo.dtx

to generate `mflogo.dvi' and/or `mflogo.pdf'.  This requires
the `mflogo' and, of course, the `logo' fonts.

Finally, to install the `mflogo' package, copy the files
`mflogo.sty' and `ulogo.fd' to TEXMF/tex/latex/mflogo/ or
wherever else your installation keeps LaTeX `.sty' files.


The `mflogo' package boldly assumes that your TeX distribution
provides a complete and up-to-date version of the `logo' fonts,
including some non-standard variants and some extra characters
that were absent from earlier (pre-1993) versions.

While it should no problem to regenerate PK-bitmap fonts from
the updated Metafont sources, if necessary, some problems may
arise when using PostScript Type 1 versions of the `logo' fonts.

Unless you happen to have access to some commercial versions of
the up-to-date `logo' fonts in Type 1 format as sold by Y&Y Inc.,
it is highly recommended to use the freely-distributable versions
by Taco Hoekwater, which are available from CTAN archives in:


It is no longer recommended to use the freely-distributable
versions of `logo' fonts provided by the American Mathematical
Society, which are available from CTAN archives in:


Unfortunately, those fonts are out-of-date and do not provide a
complete set of sizes and shapes required by `mflogo' package.

Happy TeXing!

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (357.7k).

mflogo – support for logo fonts

package and font definition file to access the Knuthian mflogo fonts described in ‘The book’ and to typeset logos in documents.

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright1994–1999 Ulrik Vieth
MaintainerUlrik Vieth
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