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The metalogo package
Andrew Gilbert Moschou
Saturday, 29 May 2010
version 0.12

This work is released under the LPPL v1.3c or later.

The metalogo package exposes the spacing parameters for the various TeX logos to
the end user. It is intended to help XeLaTeX users, who use various typefaces,
to easily optimise the logos for each typeface. Still, the package remains
useful if any typeface is used, not necessarily loaded through \XeTeX.


  \TeX       \XeTeX      \LuaTeX
  \LaTeX     \XeLaTeX    \LuaLaTeX

    <string>: Te, eX, La, aT, Xe, eT, eL, X2
     <dimen>: a legitimate TeX dimension or default
    <string>: XeTeX (default), TeX, Xe
     <dimen>: A legitimate TeX dimension or default
    <arg>: The definition that typesets the raised 'a' of 'LaTeX' or default
    <arg>: The definition that typesets the lowered 'ε' of 'LaTeX2ε' or default
    <toks>: A list of tokens inserted before every logo command. Also clears any
            previously set list.
    <toks>: A list of tokens to be appended to the list that is inserted before
            every logo command.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (88.5k).

met­a­l­ogo – Ex­tended logo macros

This pack­age ex­poses spac­ing pa­ram­e­ters for var­i­ous lo­gos to the end user, to op­ti­mise the lo­gos for dif­fer­ent fonts. Writ­ten es­pe­cially for XeLaTeX users.

Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense
Copy­right2009 An­drew Gil­bert Moschou
Main­tainerAn­drew Gil­bert Moschou
Con­tained inTeX Live as met­a­l­ogo
MiKTeX as met­a­l­ogo
Topics sym­bols or draw­ings to spec­ify an ob­ject, in­clud­ing icons
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